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Compilation dvd some with subtitles

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Hi there,

I have been trying to copy some of my favourite short films onto dvds using AVStoDVD.I am using this programme because I want to have a menu and a professional look to the resulting dvd. I have already backed up the shorts, some of which have subtitles, using dvd shrink . My problem is that I haven't been able to figure out how to use AVStoDVD when I include one of these films that is subtitled. I have searched for a guide but haven't found anything. I would really appreciate help in finding a guide or being pointed in the right direction about using AVStoDVD. Or perhaps there is a better way to do what I am trying to do.
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AVStoDVD doesn't seem to recognize existing subs in DVD files.
To get the subs from the DVD clip you have to demux them using the likes of PgcDemux.
This produces a .sup file that AvstoDVD can use.
A further problem is that MuxMan (which AVStoDVD uses to author the new DVD) has a screwed up palette that looks garish on the subtitles (note this only applies to .sup source files; .srt files don't seem to have the problem).
One way I know around that is after the new DVD is authored, you use PgcEdit to export an existing palette from a good dvd then import that into your new DVD.
It isn't MuxMan that fouls up the colour of the subs - it's because the .sup file contains an index reference to a colour palette in the (original) IFO file.
When AVStoDVD creates the new IFO file, that reference no longer matches.
Thanks Attar that is very helpful. I shall get in and explore the programs you suggest although I am wondering if AVStoDVD can't handle subtitles if there is another program that does. Cheers.
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