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ISO problems?

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So, I'm having a bit of a problem.

I spent a long day ripping multiple DVD's, putting in hours. They all said they ripped correctly.

HOWEVER. When I go to find the files, they're not there. Whether I attmpt just using the explorer or Nero, it's not seeing anything. I'm on Windows 7, so I searched for the title of each disc and came back with 0 results on my computer. But, if I open the ripping program, all of my ISO's are listed there. :? Attempting to drag the files from where they're shown to anywhere else results in a "Could not find this item. This is no longer located in (location). Verify the item's location and try again." Now, I haven't moved the files, and since they're brand new they shouldn't have any problems, but for some reason i just can't get to them! I'd like to not have to spend an entire day re-ripping what I already ripped. Anyone have any insight as to how to access my files?
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You put *.iso in the search box and nothing shows?

I found that when I was saving iso files using DVD Shrink that it was putting them in a hidden folder.
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None. :<
What's the ripping program.
DVD Decrypter. I've used it without problems before.

Hah! They were in that hidden folder! What a silly place... Windows, Y U NO PUT WHERE I SAY? XD Thanks so much, attar!
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