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Issues with some Burnt DVDS

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I burn a number of movies and tv series all the time but for some reason this particular time with Criminal Minds two sets of season (7 episodes a disc) will start out just fine and then randomly through the episdoe the sounds continues to go but the picture starts skipping. i thought maybe it was the content downloaded, until i got to season 2 and it did the same thing. then i tried them on another dvd player same thing but when i put them in the computer they play just fine no issues. like i said i been burning mivies thesame way for 4 to 5 years and never had thisissue til now but i am cutrrently burning season 6 and realllly dont want to waste anymore dvds can some one help and PLEASE explain as if i was likea five year old LOL thanks for the help
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The disks should be Verbatim Datalife (with the AZO coating).
Burn using ImgBurn.
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