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Burning Muti ISO to one dvd?

Hello Afterdawn!

Im having a problem with burning muti-ISO files to one dvd. I have searched the net and found out that its not possible to burn multiple iso files to one DVD/cd ect. I would like to backup Rosetta stone to one dvd instead of making 6 individual cds like the program was manufactured like.

What i have done is used winRAR and extracted the each individual ISO images into separate folders and was thinking of using ISO recorder and make a new ISO image. One question i have is: If i make a new ISO image with all those individual folders containing the other iso images, will Rosetta stone be able know where to find each langage pack? When a user needs to add level 1 or level 2?

Note: The way the program works is: User installs the Start here disc which is the "RS_TOTAL.iso file in the image. That image manages all the different language levels.
-Moving on the Spanish_LA_1 >> is the Spanish level 1. A user can either insert the level 1 disc or mount the Spanish_LA_1 iso image with virtualCD to add it to the main manger.

I would like to create one ISO image that the RS_TOTAL.iso can see that each Level is on this one disc, so i only have to keep that disc in my drive if i want to add another language level. << is this possible? If not i can burn them on individual discs
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