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Hey all,

Does anyone know how to get a message to the developer of the website? I am a loyal user of DVD Flick, and need help in creating menu templates for the program. has an excellent online menu creation program that will automate the process for you.

My problem is: I am burning dual layer dvd's in my project to save disks, dvd cases, etc. All of the DVD Flick menu templates will only display four thumbnail images and descriptions per page. I would like to display eight thumbnail images and descriptions per page. That way, I only need one title page instead of two.

I have looked at the cfg file in the DVD Flick menu templates, but am totally lost in how to modify the config file to display the eight per page instead of four per page.

I have tried to create my projects using AVS2DVD where menu creation is an easy process, and I can accomplish what I want, but the creation engine for the dvd that MrC uses does not render as good a quality dvd as the rendering engine in DVD Flick.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ed Wood
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site is up for sale. maybe this person "Natalie Young. 13530 N 1100th St., Martinsville, IL 62442. 217-382-5739"
Thanks, ddp, for the reply.

I don't suppose you have an email address for Natalie. I think it would be better to contact her by email rather than just make a phone call to her out of the blue.

Have a great day!


Ed Wood
i got that off the net so give a search as don't know if that info is reliable or not.
Ok, will do.


Ed Wood
no problem
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