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connecting routers

hi wonder if someone can help, i have a Tp link Model No. TD-W8960N router downstairs connected to my phone line now i live in a three story house and the reception is pretty bad every floor you go up.
i have a wired connection from my router downstairs to my pc up stairs which is great but what i want to do is take the other spare router i have and connect it up stairs through the ethernet cable so i have a stronger wireless reception in the house upstairs and also keep the wired connection to my pc.
now i have read you can bridge connection between routers but not really sure how the other router is a vodafone hg556a.
now i know the tp link has got a bridge option but i dont know about the latter.
also does anyone know how to properly set up the tp link as it drops connection a few times a day and i have to keep switching on and off.
thanks really hope you can all help
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