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firefox 12 - part 2

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After my previous post I found out quite by accident how to make FF 12 look like earlier versions. The trick is very simple but not intuitive to users like myself, nor does MOZILLA say anything about this in their bloated "HELP" pages. The trick? simply RIGHT click on an empty spot near the "FILE" tool bar. Choose "CUSTOMIZE". DRAG AND DROP the HOME button from the RIGHT to the LEFT where it belongs. An added bonus will miraculously appear, the FORWARD button is now back! The home page is now more familiar to its older cousins. AND the ridiculous annoying "UPGRADE" box is now gone as well. Why these tricks and tweaks are not easily found on the web or better yet included in all the help pages of all browsers is beyond me. I guess vendors in general just want to make their own users nuts! SHAME ON THEM!
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Originally posted by abigaill:
Useful thread!Thanks!!!
Your very welcome. I do not know which older version will NOT bug you with the UPGRADE message.
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