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HowTo create Install Disk from Installed software?

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Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to create a Installation Disk from the already installed files.

Basically, I have Unreal Tournament 3 installed on my old comp, but i lost the disk while moving (i know this sounds like a lie..but its not) and now i want to install the game on my new comp...but without the install CD i cant get very far obviously.

Im sure there is a way to do this...most likely not very easy way tho.

I searched around the net and came up with nothing related to already installed software/games.
I've been reading alot of posts on Afterdawn for years and love this site...i got ALOT of answers here.
Now im after something i havent found yet, so this is the first stop for asking the question!

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There is no way to do it.
there is a program that supposedly pulls all the files & registry files to be put on another drive without the original install cd/dvd. pm this member "jony218" for that program name & possible link.
Thanx alot ddp. =)
no problem.
hey ddp, its been a few days now and i havent heard from jony218 yet. is he still active on the forum, do you know?
still active as of 15:45 yesterday.
kool, thanx.
maybe he just doesnt wanna help me! =P
jKzZ!! might just be busy. Thanx again for the mention.
no problem
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maybe he doesn't know.. usually it takes manual registry hacking as well as installing certain files and registering dll's and the like.. often it just can't be done.

yeah i know it wouldnt be easy...maybe not even worth the trouble. But it has to be possible to create a install disk.
Once i find out how to do it, i'll see if its worth the trouble.
i remember him mention a program while in the antivirus forum or windows software forum.
hmm... no luck still, i skimmed through at least 100 threads over the past 2 days. =(

anyway, i'll try to send him another PM. maybe he didnt get my last one.
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