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Problem on Removing web links

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This is a different Topic that doesn't fit in the forum.

Does anyone knows who can remove the link threads where I had posted
on forums web sites????

Moderators didn't care for removing it, and I would like to have
the threads to be removed. It would have to be by someone with
experiences with the server data base.

The one problem is, one of the site I wanted to have the thread to
remove, is in India. They ask for $$$$$ to remove it. Sounds like a scam??
$800 plus 15% or #200 a month installment to have the web link remove from
a forum in India. I'm trying to find a way to get around with that. It would
have to be someone with the experience with removing web links of the thread(s).

I do have the web links to the threads where I postd, and I would like to
have them removed as soon as possible.

Here in the U.S. some people uses the SQL Server program tool that
allows them to remove the web links, but not the one from India.

Any suggestions??? Any referrals??? Please PM me if you have
suggestions or referrals.

Thank you.
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Eugene Cruz
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talk to her "ps355528"
Is "ps35528" a member of this forum???

Uh, how do I contact her by message????

I looked to where do I contact members, and I don't see it.

Can you guide me to contact her???

Thank you.
yes she is a senior member of this site. you do a pm(private message) to other members & site admin. she is in this link.
Okay, ddp, I sent a private message to "ps35528".

Hope she can help.

Will I get a notice by e-mail that she sent me a message????

I hope she gets it???

I've explain everything, like I said in the forum, like you read.
But I add a little aditional info. in her private message.

Okay??? Let me know if you see anything before I get it.


Eugene Cruz
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