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Unlocking Mitsubishi TV

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My son was messing with my remote and now I cannot get channels. when I go to menu it swill not let me auto or manual run channels. I think it may have been locked. Can anyone help me fix this problem? Also, if I posted this in the wrong forum I am sorry. Thanks for your help.
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here are 2 things you could try,press menu button on the remote,then scroll down to the rest icon and press it or find the guide and format buttons on the tv itself and press them at the same time.(this will reset the tv to factory settings so you will need to reset all the settings you had like time and any parental settings. or press menu and select setup menu option,then channel edit,if you see a check mark on any or all channels highlight them and press enter to uncheck them.or press menu then lock and highlight the parental lock and switch it off.if you were using the parental lock all along you may be asked to enter in your password or pin number(if you never had a pin number you should not be asked but if you are try 00000 thats most likely the default pin number).if your still having trouble let me know and ill give you a link to a mitsubishi tv site.

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