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PS2 slim ribbon scratch disc ..........

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Since Jan this year my laser ribbon kept scratching disc leaving a prefect circle on all my game disc. And I now getting tired to kept burning my game CD.

I done what I can to fix it. But it still happen ............

Help me guys.
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Its not the ribbon thats been scratching your cd's, its the lens itself...
no buddy, you're correct it IS the ribbon who's scratching your discs...

i'm very used to fix this problem, but i don't know how to explain it to you in words...

try to cautiously move the laser up and down (without touching the lens) to find the position in wich the ribbon gets more raised up. we are looking for a momment in wich the ribbon will be higher than the lens; that will be the position in wich the ribon is scratching your discs. now, press the ribbon with your finger at the end of the curve the ribbon does inside the console; the ribbon will be lower now. move the lens up and down again, and look to see if in any point the ribbon will be again higher than the lens. if so, repeat the process.

i bet you didn't understand my poor explanation, but do at least this part: move the lens up and down cautiously and slowly. watch carefully the movement and the ribbon, always keeping in mind that when the disc's inserted, it is just abou 1 or 2mm up from the laser. you'll probably figure out what's scratching your disc and how to fix it following my poor explanation. don't rush, stay calm and pay attention.


- press the ribon gently, don't do too many force.
- don't press the ribbon too many times. one or two times are usually enough, you may damage it if you press it too mny times or with too many force.
- DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, you hear that?

why this problem happens:
the ribbon is glued to the botton of that metal plate inside your ps2. with time and heat, it begins to unglue... the rest you already know.
this "fix" is not definitive, but it should help, since you doesn't even need to disassemble your system to try it.

post your results here. good luck!
I am also having this same problem :(
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