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Trying to figure out a project.

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So I have a slim ps2 model 75XXX, fat model 5XXXXX. Fat ps2 can't read disc anymore, slim can.I have a project inside my head and hopefully you pros can help me. My goal is to run ffxi on either one, can I run ffxi on slim by using usb advance/mcboot by running it off external hdd/pen drive? I know ps2 fat can but it doesnt read disc even though i do have ffxi copy for it. In fact I picked one up last night for 5 bucks but without HDD I do however have an old hdd 80GB Hard Drive IDE Maxtor DiamondMax 16 E-H011-02-3122 ATA here is me hoping it'll work. My plan is to now buy a network adapter for fat, having ps2 slim doing mcboot exploit then installing ffxi into hdd and then insert memory card into fat and run game off hdd? will that plan work or anything close to working? since in todays world lots of hack and exploits possible to run ffxi using slim by any methods out today? if i can just run it on either console that'll be great. also let me know if that hdd works if not what type of hdd so i need or how can i make it work.
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Yep, you have a good plan.

I have used Maxtor and Seagate PATA disks successfully with the fat network adapter.

When using the slim to install FMCB, be sure to install the "multi-version" variant so it can run reliably when you move the memory card to the fat PS2. Mismatched single-version installs lead to strange hangs and crashes.
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