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Would like to open bin/wad files found from a game

So the original platform the disc image is Wii but I've been told it runs like a PS2 game. It was ported to both.

Alright so;

This is as far as I can get. Someone else has dumped textures with another program for the Wii but they didn't use Dolphin. I've used previous builds and all sorts of settings. The game in question is WWE ALL Stars.

There are no Brres files

No Pac files

None of the Smash Bros editors or SZS editors I could find work

None of the Wad content programs work (can't figure out how to get any QuickBMS script to work with it)

Just WADs and BINs here

I do not know how to put my custom textures in the game but would like to learn how.
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