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Burn AVCHD with Imgburn - Sony Handycam folder sets

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Hello I've searched the forums and FAQ's for answers to my question but without solution.

I have a Sony Handycam HDR-cx260. I'd like to avoid using Sony's software if at all possible to get the movies into AVCHD format.

I'm trying to get from their default folder setup to burn AVCHD using imgburn (to DVD+R & DVD+R DL media).

The folder trees are different than described in the "BURN AVCHD with IMGBURN" faq.

Here is what the folder tree looks like off the Sony internal/SD card memory

AVF_INFO (subdued folder)

__100MSDCF -(empty folder)


I'm an admited novice but would appreaciate any help on this. Thank you.
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Problem solved, used multiAVCHD to convert .mts files in format that is readily compatible with imgburn and best of all didn't have to mess with Sony's software. Thanks.
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