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Seems i fell into the trap of many. i have the JVC GZ-HD3U hard drive camcorder and i cannot seem to get the video recognized and downloaded to either my PC or my Mac. Iphoto recognizes the pictures but not the videos (nor does IMOVIE). I am sure that was also a Windows Cd with it for some program. Bottom line is i need help to figure out how to get the videos off the camcorder and on to computer and then edit them so i can burn a DVD movie(s). HELP! HOw can i acheive this goal? thanks Dave edited by ddp
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I work for JVC and would like to try and help.

Your post mentions both Windows and Apple computers. Please check this link to our FAQ page that lists a variety of solutions that should be useful to you.

If this does not solve your problem, please reply with additional detail on this specific system you would like to use.
I have the JVC Everio GZ-MG37U. All I do is the following to get the pictures and videos off the camcorder to my hard drive:

Connect it to the computer via USB cable that came with it.
Wait for Windows to read it.
Go to Windows Explorer and click on the drive it takes.
Go to the folders for the pics which you will see when you open that folder. Cut and paste them to a folder of your choice.
The same goes for the videos. No drivers were installed for the camcorder. Windows automatically reads it. I have done this with Win Xp and now with Windows 7.
I put the video files in numbered order in the VSO DivxToDVD program I use and make a DVD of the videos.
There is a program that can convert MOD & TOD files to other video formats. i haven't used it (because i use Nuclear Coffee video convert) but it has rave reviews:
I've actually been changing the .mod extension to mpg and have DVD quality video ready for work with TDA. It's already the right quality and encoding for this.

Using JVC everio GZ-MC200 & GZ-MC500 camcorders (little but effective).
i have the same camcorder. I have vista.
But go download klite codec pack. it has tons of codecs. install it and it works great. same thing with xp. i dont do no converting at all.

Ulead VideoStudio 11 is the video editor i use. imports them no problem.

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