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Blade Media BM7000s - LNBF Error Message

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I have a problem with a recently purchased Blade BM7000s receiver and hoped somebody in here may be able to help. From experience I know the AD forums are a decent place to find answers!

I received the BM7000s yesterday, unboxed, hooked up the power, HDMI and the sat feed and thought it would be simple from there. On switching the box on the menus work but obviously there are no channels as it is yet to be tuned in. There is an option for DISH SETTINGS but the first time I tried to access this the box locked up after around 3-5 seconds. After a few failed attempts I decided to try updating to the latest official firmware but the problem persisted, anything which required the satellite feed to be accessed locked the box up, all other menus and options worked fine. There was an option to download a channel list directly from Blade for your particular satellite so I gave that a go, assuming that it would circumvent the satellite set-up, but again, as soon as you try to access any channels the box freezes after a few seconds.

Ive had a good search and there only seems to be a few references to this, worringly stating that it may be a burnt-out board:

[Can't post link but if you Google 'dooby2oons help lnbf' the first link has another user withthe problem!]

The feed was previously working fine with a standard SKY box and later a HD box, so I cant see how there could be any problem with that. As it stands the box is useless as the only action that can be performed is to navigate set-up menus.

Im going to email Blade and the supplier to see if they have any knowledge of the problem but wondered if anybody here could help.

Thanks for any advice, enjoy the weekend.

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Sorry, I should clarify.

The LNBF message is displayed on the front of the box when the freezes occur. On screen messages show things such as Bad or No Signal.

try a factory reset hold down button on front and power on also is lnb power on in dish settings
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Thanks for the reply smoggie66 but after posting this things got worse with the box.

I had disconnected it to test the old SKY HD box which worked fine, all signal strengths showed maximum. When I came to reconnect the Blade box the only thing that happened was a flashing red LED on the front, it wouldn't even boot up.

In the meantime I had a reply from Blade support saying that LNBF means LNB fault, which I think is already known! The box has now been back to the supplier who says that the power supply was faulty and it could have been caused by the LNB, they have however replaced it and are going to return it.

Questions now are a) can this even happen and b) how do I prevent it from happening again? As a normal person I figured you plug the cable in, it does the job, how would I know if it was faulty or not? Bearing in mind that the SKY box itself had no issues.


the blade will crash from time to time just make sure you save all your settings and channel data on a usb stick. do a factory reset and all will be good i do this everytime i update firmware just to clear memory but dont worry they are a great box.
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