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Firstly, my apologies of this is in the wrong forum.

Okay, I've done a little reading and the more I read the more I get confused.

I currently pay sky 60 for HD and sky sports. The box is faulty, they want 150 to even look at it. Can't afford that, and tbh am miffed at a few friends getting the 75% off deal and me being told I wasn't entitled.

Having read I know I could get a box like a blade or skybox etc and still have the ability to watch sky channels with a c-line?

Only need it to work in one room, would like HD and sports if possible and need the ability to record. Not worried about films.

My question is, is there a complete and utter idiot, noobs guide that I could read and understand what equipment I need to buy and how I can make it work in the way I'd like?

Thank you for any advice.
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only problem with a blade as its only a single tuner box you can only record the same tp as you are looking at,you may have to look at a twin tuner box.
Originally posted by cactikid:
only problem with a blade as its only a single tuner box you can only record the same tp as you are looking at,you may have to look at a twin tuner box.
Thanks, see, the more I read the more confused I get.

I would like to be able to record two and watch another, if possible. I know it wont be a sky HD box, I'm not expecting that. But would like to have some similar features.
You need a duel tuner box, like the Amiko Alien 2, its a good value HD duel tuner box but getting some good reviews, your not going to get a box with the same functionality as a Sly box, you can get one like I mention, that will record and let you view at the same time, but you will be missing 7 day EPG details, series links etc
Are their any that offer series link?

I use that all the time.

I know I will lose a lot of functionality the Sky offers, but I also wont be giving them 60 a month, I guess it's just a case of getting the box which ticks most boxes.

I just don't really know where to start.

And the c-line part, I have zero idea about that too.

Hence Im really hoping there's an idiots guide.
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To be honest a cline as such is the same for all boxs, its a user and password and server address entered into your box, each box is different as how to load it, no series link on boxs, basically your going to have to sacrifice a lot of what you have on the sly box, the closest your gonna get is a duel tuner as I mention, slip a hard drive on and your away, you can play films, music etc on most boxs now as they are media players, you will have HD and 3D if your TV is 3D capable, so thats a plus, but like I say, weigh it up, but non duel tuner boxs all do basically the same thing, HD, record chans on same freq, youtube, youporn etc, perhaps a few more things, just a matter of reading up on them, loads of posts here on single tuners such as a Blade or Sky F3, HD9001 etc, and read the thread on Amiko Alien 2 also,

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