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Thanks alot for your post on the SKYBOX F3
Like i said earlier,i'm a novice to this set-up thing,so please do not be offended if i'm asking for too much details
I actually have a sky dish & internet connection in my apartment but i have cut it off and i still have the sky HD+ box which has the viewing card.
Can i use this card to subscribe to a service provider that will give me all the sky channels.
Is the card the same as the Cline.
also do i still need to get the USB for the whole thing to work
Also,can anyone tell me a satellite service provider i can subscribe to that will give me access to all the sky channels including movies and sports.
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moved to correct forum due to poster's stupidity & blindness as not a "linux general discussion" issue again.
You have been asking for help and given it already, stick to the one thread, you have been told what to do

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