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dreambox DM500S help/down

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hi guys

2 days ago ive lost all paid channels i only seem to have free view channels

ive done reboots of box an modem etc, all EPG shows up signal is at 98% just no picture

also 2 friends have the blade boxes an they are having the same problems all set up with sat dish

any help much appreciated

thanks mike
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Contact the person who supplies your cline, chances are you have all been cut off or ripped off.
if you all have same service provider that maybe why get intouch with them
im sure we are all with the same provider il try get hold of his details as i bought the box cheap with a few months subs left on feel sorry for my mates they paid up front for 12months

thanks guys
Mike I personally NEVER take out a sub longer than 3 months at a time just in case this happens, there are some not very nice people out there, did you contact your server owner if so how did you get on.
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