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DreamBox DM800HD PVR wont record more then 40mins

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Hi guys
I have a DreamBox DM800HD PVR which I use to watch cable TV, yesterday I attached a 200GB Maxtor Sata HDD, which I formatted via my PC using esus partition manager. I formatted ,my hdd in ext3 format as this is the only format that would work.

when I try record movies or TV shows etc, it will only record 40 mins then say the disk is full, which it isn't.

I had a previous IDE hdd which worked with fat32 format, but again that format only allowed a recording of about 1 hrs 40 mins.

So basically I cant record full movies or shows, I know that the fat32 format can only handle 4GB sizes at a time, but my ext3 format hdd should be able to handle 16GB file size. because I am sure the block size was 1KiB.

I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can get around this problem. I would really love to record one full movie and watch it properly when I get home, instead of missing the ending each time lol..

Oh I should add that when ever I try initialize the ext HDD via the dreambox, I always get an error and it wont initialize. I think maybe that might be for internal HDD's, which I dont have a spare 2.5" HDD at the moment, so hopefully there is a solution for my ext HDD..

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Husskii :@)
Im Just trying to keep up :@)
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had similar issue in times past. was running dream elite image. bit of browsing identified that dream elite can be temperamental with certain hard drives. loaded dreamboxuk image version 1.1 and now the disk can be initialized and all is good
Hi fintannl thanks for the advice but I cant do that, my dreambox was setup by someone who I paid for to get cable TV around the world.. I think maybe the prob is fixed but still more testing is needed, yesterday I was able to record 2hrs with no headaches about disk being full... so fingers crossed I wont have this problem again, but am going to try 4hr recording to confirm.

I basically bought a bad service were my box crashes alot, some channels arent working cant watch youtube coz I get an auto green page crash and so on.. but I have about 6months left of this stinking service and then hopefully by then I would learn how to get this done myself or find a new guy to re-setup etc..

I have another problem too, I cant watched movies off my pc, via vlc because I dont have the option to install vlc on my dreambox, and when I try watch a movie I copied onto the HDD it tells me Im missing a codec.. in another post you explained to me how to get the non working channels via scan, so im greatful for that and will give it a go :)only thing Im scared off is losing the current channels, which I think you said will still be there..

Thanks :)
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Husskii :@)
Im Just trying to keep up :@)
would be interesting if you downloaded flashfxp, then connect to the box ip, enter user of root and password dreambox. if you can connect then go to var then etc and open cccam.cfg. Here you will see your cline. write it down. Now you can flash any image you want then just load the cline into it and off you go. as for setting up a serrver i think its a bit harsh to say there is no information available on how to set one up. if you look at the sticky written by piopat (first post at the top of this forum) you can see how to lash boxes and setup a server. the steps for a dm500 are very similar to that of a dm800
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