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Hi.Brand new to the forum so i apologise in advance if im going over an old topic.I'm looking to find out in the most simple of ways how to add new channels to my dreambox.I'm looking for MUTV in particular & maybe a couple more in time but because I'm new to the whole dreambox / card sharing scene I'm afraid if i try to do a manual search I might lose the already installed settings & as I know absolutely nothing about the box I'd rather get a step by step guide if at all possible.any advice would be great.
Cheers guys.
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use the search function above there are guides and tuts on Dreamboxs, do a search you will find loads

hm-9001s Chan Editor -
Ariva 250 Patched Firmware -
Ariva 250 Chan Editor -
Ariva 150 Patched -
do you still need help to install a sky bouquet to your dreambox.
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