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I currently have a Dreambox DM800 HD se that is flashed with the Newnigma 2 image. I would rather change to LT8 as I'm more familiar with this and it seems more stable, but when I try to flash this image it tells me it's invalid or out of date. I believe this is cause my SIM now says SIM 2 & 4 where as on the LT8 image it says SIM201. My question is can I downgrade my SIM so I can install this image and if so how do I go about it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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downloader bootloader 82 or 84 from flash image and then bootloader and all sorted.
Thanks so much for replying, I'll try this when I get home tonight. One question though, you said to flash the image and then the boot loader, but how do I flash the image first when I get a 'invalid or out of date' message when trying to flash?
fair point. flash bootloader, image and then bootloader again
Thanks a million mate that worked perfectly!
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