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DVB-C tuner & card reader recommendation?

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Just interested in users thoughts on a good card (PCI) & reader combo?
It's for a NDS/Videoguard2 encrypted system (I am a paying subscriber)

I intend to use:
OSCAM + SASC-NG + NewCamd + Myth* + TVHeadend + XBMC.

I believe not all readers are created equal?
i.e. some are much more versatile than others.
Can you buy one that's mountable inside a 3.5" or 5.25" bay?

There doesn't seem be any retailers where I am for DVB-C tuners.
So I may as well buy both the reader and card in Europe!
Does anyone know of any good stores, aside from DVBshop?

And for those whom may be concerned, doing this is not illegal in Australia.

*i might end-up using VDR instead....
In which case SASC-NG/NewCamd would be scratched, & VDR-SC would be used.
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Anyone? Thank-you!
anyone? thank-you.
righty ho then...
surly some1 must have a bit of knowledge on this for this chap??


Tis all good... clearly no one on this forum has an interest in this area.
someone on this forum pm'd me another place to try, i have tried two others.
sorry ive no experence in this subject


no worries ;)
to be honest i didn't answer this simply because i didn't understand why you would want it. why not simply connect a smargo via usb, use debian server on pc, oscam or cccam for decryption and off you go
Not to worry I've found 3 or four possible condidates, some which do a few other things aside from read smart-cards as a bonus.

Even if they don't work (based on what I've learned there's no reason they shouldn't), something like a smargo will do the job.
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