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It's a clone alright....cant afford the real deal.
It has bootloader 75 so should'nt be a problem
No hard drive, everything is repeated so often theres no need to record it, and also gonna use a smargo card reader to avoid hassle with card melting.
And it's shipped from a UK dealer, so no customs charges either, and if it does'nt work, I dont have to ship it half way around the world for warranty work.
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will unlikely need smargo if u don't have internal hard disk. other issue with smargo and dm800 is that its very difficult to fit it in the usb port when you have network cable connected to the dm800 as there is not enough space. i've written about this before. the layout of the io ports at the back of the dm800 is savage bad
The fact that it's a clone makes me not trust it at all, thats why I ordered the smargo, not worried about it fitting directly into the USB, I plan on using a USB A/B extension cable to sort that out.

I can imagine the phonecall dog melted my viewing card...................LMAO.

Piopat, sorry mate, not hi-jacking your thread, makin sure it stays at the top.
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sorry fint my brain is still in dm500 mode ,yes it says dm7020 in dreamup .any way good news i had a look around last night and came across a forum that has a thread containing what looks to be just about every dreamup ever made . i downloaded the first 4 to my usb stick and unzipped them ,i tried the first one (no good )tried the second one and its working been flashing now for about 10 minutes or so ,it will take 32 minutes so it will done i hope about 8.45 .and fingers ,toes and everything else crossed that all will be ok. ill let you know what happens guys.
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cool, let me know the dreamup version you mention if its successful. good for you
Originally posted by fintannl:
cool, let me know the dreamup version you mention if its successful. good for you
its fint ,i cant understand why the version you gave me never worked that also was ,but it worked so the box is up and running thank god (i got a few more grey hairs now ha ha) now all i have to do is set up cccam.cfg (the new box will be my server) and get the smargo working with it ,and im done .im not going hd just yet ill wait about 12 months then get a few hd boxes ,ill pm you a link to the dreamup downloads fint ,thanks for all your help mate and also thanks myloyams .talk soon guys.

have found similar problems be times also. seems like a comms issue every time. if i just reboot my pc it seems to clear the comms channel. anyway good stuff. so now you are mad happy with dvbmonkey????? by the way did u get the 7020 or the 7025 plus. while i have the 800 hd, i wud much rather a 7025 dual tuner solution which reflects sky+ rather then the dm800hd or the new dm500hd. for the normal user its juts nice to be able to record while watching other channels. so keep that in mind when you are considering ur next box
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