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Hey guys i need some help. I've recently bought a freeview box due to analogue being switched off but I'm having difficulty trying to find the sky tv channel. The problem is that the sky box is in a differet room but we have a cable running through the wall into the room we want it in. I'm no expert so i dont know which scart or wire goes into where. Any help would be appreciated.
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Firstly, Hsingh, what are actually trying to do? runa cable from a sky box in one room to a tv in the other? get a video sender if thats the case, secondly Freeview wont pick up Sky, so you need to clarify what you are doing as it seems your asking one question but asking two.

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Before analogue was switched off i had Sky tv coming in on channel 6. I know its not possible for freeview to pickup Sky but i was wondering if there is anyway to re-tune it on one of the analogue channels or maybe through one of the AV channels. My VCR comes through on AV1, my DVD player on AV2 but the only thing i cant find is the sky channel.

Before the switchover i had Sky running round the house but now i cant find it anywhere i have freeview. The tv i am trying to find Sky on had no problems until i installed the freeview box. Thats why i'm wondering if i've put something in wrong or need something extra.
your vcr is connected via scart to the av1 port of yout tv. your dvd player is connacted via scart to av2 port on the back of your tv. so your freeview box needs to be connected via scart to the av3 port on your tv assuming you have such.

ok so i need to make some assumptions. lets assume you have two scart connections in your vcr, dvd player and freeview box. one of these ports is an input port and one is an output port. so connect the output of one box into the input of another box and then all boxes can work off the one av1 port on your tv.

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