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Kryptview a780 setup problems

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I've been looking for answers on the forum but can't seem to get any where with them. I know you most probably see the same questions every day so I firstly apologies.

I've purchased a a780 and finally flashed it using the usb adapter. I've hooked it up and followed the instructions and can get all the channels up but can only view the free to air channels the others are blue and come up scrambled.

Can anyone please help, is it worth me reflashing or is there something I'm missing?

I have more than the minimum VM subscription and have both cables connected (1 through a Belkin router)

Many thanks for your time, hope someone can help me so I can cancel my films and sports.

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check what software you have installed on your kryptview via the menu options.if its not the latest(03012011) then reflash.flashin by usb can be a bit hit and miss.
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Hi thanks for the reply, I'll double check but 99% sure it's the latest one. I'll still give it a reflash too.

if the flash is ok then do a factory reset,scan and reboot box and modem once the lan cable is connected but e45 is the best on these boxes iam goin off memory as i no longer have one moved to sat,but usually if its a good flash then not many problems connecting if you are paying vermin subs.
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Just re-flashed, then plugged it all in and rescanned with both cables plugged in.

When searching is it a problem that it only picks up 1 area that being Warwick?

Selected Warwick and let it do it scanning once finished I switch everything off at the wall for a min turned back on and still nothing.

I am doing something wrong?

get your net id from your provider box, this will tell you what area u are, you need to scan on NETWORK, not all when doing your scan, scan with out the box being plugged into the router, so reset the box, choose the net id that matches your provider box, then choose that

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Hi thanks for your reply, I'll try that.

Is there any way of entering a net id as only one comes up?

I've been scanning on Network, just trying to do a SW update but doesnt seem to be doing anything...

if one comes up that could be the net id for your box, but cross check with your provider box, if all the chans acome in and some are scrambled, make sure that your box is connected to your router

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Hi I've reflashed the box and thought i'd try it with an older firmware which let me scan all networks but still no luck.

The only network that comes up is Warwick, I've checked my area ref and I'm 31 with VM.

I can only view fta channels currently, my signal is coming through between 77 and 88.

Any other ideas? I've changed the ethernet cable but didn't help.

"just trying to do a SW update but doesnt seem to be doing anything"

Suggests to me that the box is not recieving the internet connection.

Have you got another ethernet cable you could try?

To eliminate the router, or router setting (like Mac address filtering) try initially putting your main internet connection straight to the Kryptview instead of the router to see what happens.
when you scan for channels,lan is not connected,if you dont get anything on ntl try c&w etc,factory reset and power off at rear first for 30 secs then on and autoscan from direct feed.what file are you flashing with its a dated file so use the current one.
Hi, I've reflashed again and put the latest firmware on.

Using the direct feed I have managed to get more channels, not sure if I'm getting all of them. I thought I'd try changing the feed but then I lose the channels.

I could leave it with direct but that then leaves me with no internet, is there any settings I can change on the router or could I try a splitter from the modem and then run one cable direct to the box and then one to the router?

I've got a cable running upstairs that runs another vm box but only on FTA, the plan is the put the vm box from downstairs upstairs, I have noticed there is a ethernet connection on the box of it, would this run my router?

Many thanks.
Nice to see you are getting somewhere, now we know the Internet is the problem the next step is to sort the router out.

The best way to do this is to reset it by the small round reset button on the back (usually have to press it in with a paperclip for 10 seconds or so). Then set it up again, either manually if you are experienced, or by using the set up disc or instructions that came with it. (ensure you do not use Mac address filtering as this may well be the problem).

I know this has been mentioned to death, but ensure that you are completely happy that you are using a KNOWN good ethernet cable as you will get nowhere otherwise..
Hi thanks for your reply.

I've reset the router and restored factory settings but still can't get both tv and internet. I have changed all the ethernet cables and thought I'd sorted it until I realised I'd lent on the channel button ontop of the tv...

I've check and the mac address isn't being filtered, is there any other settings I need to check or look at. The Belkin router is a F5D7230-4, it's getting on abit now but has been working fine.

Do you know if the Samsung box can be used as a modem with the ethernet cable at the back?

Help, I am having similar problems with my a780. The box works in my friend's house but when I brought it home to connect at my house, I can see all the channels on screen but have no picture. (It says scrambled or no picture) Any help would be much appreciated.

Just to clarify, this is what you need,

1) You MUST have a live coaxial cable feed going to your Kryptview, and a live coaxial cable feed going to your VM modem.
So you MUST have a splitter to provide a coaxial cable feed to both.

2) You MUST also have an live internet feed (ethernet) to your Kryptview. Either straight from your VM modem. Or most commonly from port on your Belkin router with the ethernet connection from your VM modem to WAN port on your Belkin router.

Using a router then allows you to use another port to connect another ethernet cable to you PC to give you Internet on that also (Or supply a wireless internet connection to the PC).
Thank you jodav, mine is up and running now thanks for that
please make sure its the a780 firmware you flashed with coz i remember this ages ago same problem but they flashed the 750 onto a 780
Originally posted by Allen14:
Thank you jodav, mine is up and running now thanks for that
Your welcome Allen14, well done mate.
check, check and check.

Still nothing other than running it direct and it was flashed with the 780 firmware will give it another reflash.

It seems to be the router that is causing the problems...

Thanks for everyone help, much appreciated.
If you have reset your router, and ensured Mac Address filtering is disabled, then I can not think of another default router setting that would give this problem.
But one thing is for sure, if your box works with a direct ethernet cable attached to the box from your VM modem, then it all points to the router or ethernet cables somehow. And your router is not to old to do the job at all.

With the same set up, do you have a problem with a wired connection from the router to a desktop\laptop if you switch off the desktops\laptops wireless?

I am not saying buy another router, but if you can get your hands on another one of a friend just to try, it would help to clarify things.
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