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Newbie help with Openbox s11

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Originally posted by piopat:
these boxes are easy to set up (a piece of cake ),so your better off setting it up yourself .all you need is to download the patched firmware and a cccam.cfg file to a usb memory stick .then add your c line to the usb memory stick . then pop the usb memory stick into the usb port on the box and use the menu to pop the firmware in the box .once the firmware is in and you have gone through the installation process ,thats setting language /time and date /selecting a satellite and scanning it then you pop the cccam.cfg file into your box the same way you you put the firmware in . then its just a matter of going to the ccam menu and placing a tick next to the c line and your done .i can understand some people wanting plug and play boxes because it saves time and learning but if you can do it yourself you should ,once you learn these things you wont have to rely on anyone .
Hi piopat.

Thanks for your help earlier. I have now got myself a Technomate TM5402.

I have flashed the unit to the lastest 1.25p firmware, but I cannot find where i can download the cccam.cfg patched file so I can put in the c line details.

Be great for a bit more info please.


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Hi piopat you seem to be the man to ask about the openbox.i have an openbox s11 but my primetime has gone.i wanted to get it for the boxing tonight but have no idea what to do.i seen on another site it has been changed and gave all the details but i have no clue how to edit these details on the box.thanks
hal if you get an up todate channel list that should return primetime . a channel list iis like dreambox bouqyets where all major channels are put into groups such as all movies together and all sports together . whats happened is the channel has moved to another frequency , if your box is up todate a simple scan for channels may do you . so try a scan , and if that doesnt work you have two options which are as i said to either get an up todate channel list and pop it into your box or get the new frequency and add it to your box .

i have the same box and i keep paying for sky channels ,is there a way to crack the code and watch all channels for free ? .Your help would be appreciated
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