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SkyBox F3 Channel List

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Hi All some help required, so i just bought this box carried out a search and found all channels, I wanted a channel list so downloaded a Tprog.dbs file and installed. All the channels i previously found disappeared. so I went back to Single satellite Search, and carried out a preset Scan Search, with the network setting set to Yes. Now it has only found some channels, also the when i select Favourites, the names i was expecting are note there, it just says Fav 1, Fav 2 etc,

any ideas, or does anyone have a decent channel list?

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look at the F3 thread

hm-9001s Chan Editor -
Ariva 250 Patched Firmware -
Ariva 250 Chan Editor -
Ariva 150 Patched -
hi i loved to join your community heard gd things about it.
Originally posted by patsy2:
hi i loved to join your community heard gd things about it.

here mickah can i flash this hm-9001s Chan Editor t skybox f5? (unzip 1st)
Hi mate, no you will need the set edit chan editor for the F3/F5 boxs, the HM9001 uses polar editor (very good editor by the way)you cant use the same chan files on the HM9001 and F3/5
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