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skybox f3 help

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Hi just got a new skybox f3 & connected up had a look at the set up for the box on here but mine seems to be not the same in satillite list Astra is not listed,single satillite search is greyed out
Have installed a channel list & hundreds of channels are tuned in & fta channels work but says intelsat or superbird in channel info Tried to load sea lion from usb using notepad on a24hr free trial but says Cccan,cfg not found but that is what I have named the file???? new to this any help would very welcome

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You need to takeit one step at a time and one question at a time what are you wanting to do.

Have you reflashed with the latest firmware?

That will un-grey the boxes.

What channel list - where did you get it from - try and be more detailed in your questions and clarify what you are actually looking for.

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the file should be CCCAM.CFG paste your line details into a notepad doc, call it it CCCAM.CFG and load to the box, with regard to a chan file, you will need to either do one for 28.2 or get one this is a chan file for the F3, not my work and I havent tested it,

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