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hi, was wondering anybody haveing trouble with upc thomson reuter for c/s on the client side? Useing a skybox s12 works fine if i try it in my place differnt reuter of course, but when connected to thomson reuter in mates house it can be there fine one minute but if box is put in standby and then back on again its not working. I have it connected direct with a 1mtr cat5 cable but cant figure this one out! Guess i will have to bring a ditternt reuter over and see what happens....
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suspect firewall in router
Originally posted by fintannl:
suspect firewall in router
yip ,got to say i went looking in reuter interface although it was a quick look, nothing jumped out at me but got to have a look again, not familar with it. Have my own bidged to my trusted lynsky+ ddwrt firmware so a bit lost on this one,, any ideas what i should be looking out for? thanks!
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