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Does the Pioneer BDR-2208 support bitsetting?

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I'm thinking of getting a Blu-ray burner. The Pioneer is looking good for the included software. I know in the old days ('06-'09) having a drive that supported changing the book type to "rom" was important to get playback on the most players. I can't find this info in any of the specs.

i7-920 @ 3.8, Asus P6T, Corsair H50 cooler, 6 Gb ddr3-1600, pny 9800 GT, Liteon iHDS 118 dvd-rom, Liteon iHAS 220 burner, OCZ 700 watt Mod X Stream psu, 500 Gb WD hd
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You don't bitset blu-ray media. Whether or not your blu-ray burner will bitset DVD+r or not is another question, it is - again - model specific.

Sorry. That's what I meant. Does anyone know if the Pioneer BDR-2208 supports bit-setting for dvd+r disks.
Ah I see, okay.

I would be inclined to say that it would support it, but obviously if it is significant for your needs then you should find out first - best place to ask would be Poineer support. FWIW I couldn't find any info either.

That said, I imagine it's unlikely your device wouldn't play -R nowadays but I'm not 100% on that.

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