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DVD-ROM possible on Lite On EZ DUB DX 20A 4PU?

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I am wondering if I can change the bit setting on this burner so that my R+ media will burn in DVD-ROM?
I have read a couple of srticles and I am not certain if it is possible nor do I confidently know how to do it.

I called Lite On and did not find anything out from them as they said the burner is too old for their knowledge base.
Thus I decided to try posting here as I have not heard from a couple of other forums that I have posted to.
I would appreciate it if anyone would share their knowledge with me as I really want to get on with a couple of Christmas projects that require DVD-ROM.
My firmware is uptodate "9p59". Also xpsp3.
Thank you.
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Apparently it does. See here:

Try burning with IMGBurn and take a look at this:

Booktyping/bitsetting just changes the way your player reads the DVD, it doesn't change anything about your burner. You're not going to break anything; it will either support it, or it won't.

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