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Please recommend Blu-ray internal burner for desktop

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I am buying a new desktop PC, and want to install a Blu-ray burner in same. Will use burner for (1) backup Blu-ray disks; (2) make HD movies; and (3) backup existing data files from computer. Prefer to be able to burn single & dual-layer Blu-ray disks.

Can you recommend a good, reliable, internal Blu-ray burner for the new desktop? Would like to get software (not OEM) bundled with the burner, unless there is little cost for third-party software.

Also, please recommend blank disks to use with the burner.

In case it is important, here are the specs of my new computer:

Dell XPS 8500
Intel i7 processor
Windows 7 Home Premium
12 GB RAM memory
2 TB hard disk
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 1GB GDDR5
DVD burner + Blu-ray reader
Dell ST2420L 24-inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor with LED
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Hi I bought a LG-BH10LS38 , found it to be brilliant for buning any discs, I also bought DIGISTOR blank discs 25 gig & 50 gig using the latest version of Imagburn worked a treat for me.
The only problem I have using LG brand of burners is that it doesn't recognize certain brands of blank discs. Maybe it was just the model I happened to buy although that can be a problem with any brand of burner.I also have a Samsung burner and it recognizes any brands of blanks that I use so far.Verbatim AZO is the best brand of discs to use and Memorex is probably one of the worst.

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Try in sony... you can get it better for laptops
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