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dvd xcopy wont activate

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i have a store bought copy of dvd xcopy purchased in 2004 at a local best buy store.worked great for the most part till the crash of 09. recently replaced my hard drive and cant get it to activate, says unable to connect to server, is there any way i can get it to work again?

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scum101 Suspended due non-functional email address
long gone application.. replace with some freeware like dvd fab

Take Scum's advice, trash it and get a better, more updated version of a DVD ripping program. Like DVDShrink, this program is outdated and needs help with the newer protection schemes. But, if you are stuck in 2004, download DVDShrink at Just don't expect 100% success rate with the newer releases. Personally I prefer AnyDVD/CloneDVD2, these programs say astalavista to the newer protection schemes and are well worth the time checking them out.
scum101 Suspended due non-functional email address
theres one other way... turn your system clock back to 2004 .. then rewrite the registry to take out the expired status.. but even then the installer is probably going to try and verify with a non existent site.. hehehehehehe

nothing lasts forever .. well.. nothing except a 386 running slackware 1

You're SOL. That program is DEAD.

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