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Keep getting a red bar when copying from dvd-r to desktop on win 7

HI, so I have a problem and i'm not sure if this is the right area to as this but oh well. Any way I have quite a few dvds that I ripped from my dvd collection in order to back them up. So I burn them onto a dvd-r in order to store them for later use in case the original disc goes bad I can copy them off bur them using dvd shrink and it would be like it never happened. However each and everytime I try I get a green bar that says it's copying to the desktop then it stops copying and show a red bar in place of the green. I know what it means but how am I supposed to fix this do I have to redo the dvd-r's? If that is the can when I click on the blank disc I asks me which way you want the disk to be the choices are like a usb flash drive(basically) or to play in a dvd player. THe second one was what I chose should I use the first one instead it's sound correct but what do you guys think?
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