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RipIt4Me and compressing

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So I'm still using ripit4me and I have a question when I start wizard mode and I'm ripping in full mode for ALL MOVIES but for some movies under DVD info it says it need to compress x amount of percentage to fit on a single layer DVD well the thing is I'm welling to burn it on a dual-layer DVD so I can keep everything that comes on the DVD and plus keeping the great quality of the original DVD but what I had bumped into not really paying attention to compression is after burning results of the DVD are terrible quality
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Isn't ripit4me kind of an old outdated program.

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It's really simple.. stop using the wizard "one click" mode.. it was built specifically to auto create 4.37 iso's so that option is the only one you have. You will have to click a few more buttons.. what a chore eh? The next version planned did have a sl/dl option for the resulting iso, along with a sensible layer break choice as the plan was to dump shrink/decrypter burning engine and use imgburn, but as everybody remembers only too well.. it never happened thanks to the cartel mafia activities

As for the "awful" quality when ripped to s/l size.. I'm puzzled as it was just fine for up to 180 mins with only a little compression artifacts visible in dark areas. Just stick to the rules for s/l dvd.. 720x576, max 2 audio tracks and dump all the "extras" junk and you will still get a fab_dvd rip of a film up to 3 hours total on a single layer (see what I did there JT?).. or for dual layer manual rip and set no size limit for resulting iso. If you are using the one my good friend leaked (final final final.. same number as immediate previous.. has a text file with jkz id) it has a slightly improved PSL dumper/bad sector jumper and surprisingly it still works well on most disks. I use the base script to this day to rip protected films.. which is rare.. because who buys dvd's these days?

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Thanks for the info but I don't even use the program. I use DVDFab.

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I still buy them also.They always have them on sale at Walmarts for $5.00.

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