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HELP! - VHS to Digital Conversion

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I would really appreciate some help with this dilemma.

Advice please on the best way to convert analogue (VHS) to digital.

I'll briefly explain what has happened so far, so that you might be able
to suggest similar set up if it's out there (I've looked and can't find anything).


Around 2005 I brought a Canopus ADVC-100 (which wasn't cheap).

The ADVC-100 converts analogue (VHS) to digital AND allows miniDV as Firewire IN
and Firewire OUT.

I have many VHS tapes around 30 years old to convert.

Due to other problems, I only managed to convert a few VHS tapes so the ADVC-100
wasn't used for many years.

I've come back to start the VHS tapes conversion again and the ADVC-100 it broken
(a known fault). As I only used it for around 10 hours I'm reluctant to buy
another or the cheaper option the ADVC-55.

To provide all information that might help you help me - I've listed how the
ADVC-100 was set up;


From Panasonic NV-SV121 VHS machine: RCA/Audio and S-Video OUT

IN to ADVC-100

Audio OUT from ADVC-100 via RCA White & Red that reduces to 'one' RCA male
to XP Pro

Video OUT from ADVC-100 via S-Video to XP Pro that connects to a graphics card
that has MyVIVO fitted.

MyVIVO = video in / video out

The MyVIVO does not capture TV but it does take the analogue to digital conversion
to PC for capture with Premier Pro.


I did buy a USB Grabber from Amazon the ClimaxDigital VCAP305 - the drivers
caused me so many problems it took around a week to get my system back to normal, meticulously going through the registry.

The USB Grabber would work for ten seconds and freeze the system.

I tried many other capture software programs with the USB ClimaxDigital Grabber
such as AVSYOU, Golden Video etc. Nothing worked (my system is more than capable).

I can't be sure but my onboard Audio (Realtek) has stopped working. I think the motherboard audio is possibly burnt out, as I have tried everything to get the
audio to work again. This happened while trying to get the ClimaxDigital to work.

If anybody can help, this is what I want/need;

Because I do not want to lose any quality whatsoever from the VHS family tapes
as some are not that good to begin with - I want to capture as MPEG-2 (DVD quality)
or uncompressed AVI.

I've read that a TV card will input S-Video on to PC. Is this correct?

How does it convert analogue to digital?

If a TV card does work - can anyone suggest a tried and tested card?

If a TV card will not do this, I would reluctantly try another USB Grabber VHS converter again - if someone could recommend a decent one I'll give that a go.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stephen
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Here's a link to a post at the VideoHelp site.
I haven't used either of the products mentioned - but the poster is recognized as competent in the video line.
I know the EZCap is available on Amazon.
i was actually looking at making videos of ps3 screen play otherday.noticed there are a few ways to put whats shown on your tv (if your using a vcr) to a computer screen and record it on your computer screen.basically same thing only your recording from a video player instead of a ps3 or xbox.most common 1 mentioned is a thing called a dazzle.

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