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Connect Nvidia 660ti to Bose 5.1 Home Theater system

Hi there !
Here is what I am trying to do :
I do have a nvidia 660ti I want to hook up to my Bose lifestyle v20 5.1 home theater.

My PC : - Msi big bang x79 with its own optical/ coaxial audio output.

The thing is that I want to use the Nvidia card and audio. When I plug the hdmi cable in the card and then to the Bose I get nothing but a screen without taskbar. NO AUDIO.
I tried to disable the realtek MSi driver and have only the nvidia activated. I get the hdmi cable from the card to the Aux , to the Dvd audio in ....nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I disabled the Nvidia and get the MSi realtek audio in action. Got the optical cable and the orange coax to the Msi motherboard. NOTHING.

I would appreciate if anybody will give me an solution of how to hook my nvidia card through an hdmi cable to a bose lifestyle 20 system. It should work instantly, BUT IT DOESN'T.

thank you for your input !!!
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