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ProShow Gold 2.0 SVCD won't play in DVD player

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I love the program but the burned SVCD show on the CDR won't play on any DVD players. I took the disk to Circuit City and went down the row of DVD players and ALL of them gave errors. If I just burn the MPEG file from the actual show (without the title page and menu) I found I could play it on Mintek and Phillips model 642 just fine! I've burned disks with a Sony and MicroAdvantage with the same results, only able to play the extracted MPEG file and only the title page if I burn the complete show output. I 've tried at least 2 different CDR companies, TDK and a no name brand. Both with the same results. It seems like there is a problem with the program?

I've also tried to do the "fake" header wtih the MPEG I non-standard as well as standard. Both do not make it play on the DVD players. (As you can see I've gone through almost 100 CDR's!!!)

Anyone have the same problem with ProShow Gold 2.0? Or is it a general problem with MPEG 2? Again, the MPEG 2 file only played on 2 players. What more shouuld I try?

Frustrated and minus a stack of CDRs!

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SVCDs are only compatible with newer dvd players, I have burned a ProShow SVCD to cd-rw and it plays fine in my panasonic player..
how old is your player and what brand is it? have you tried playing a burned VCD in your player?
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