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Why do my DVDs and certain video files play upside down?

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I have two DVD plaier programs on my PC. One is DVD Station that came with the RealMagic Hollywood Plus card. I also have PowerDVD, but both of these play certain burned DVD/VCD and certain Mpeg files upsidedown and backwards. I thought it may be a conflict with the codecs, so I uninstalled the Nimo codec pack, and no result... However, while I have the Nimo pack installed, all the mpeg files and VCDs will play in Media Player correctly. What is it with the DVD software?
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I have the same problem with 1 computer using Windows Media Player Series 9 Beta with the Cyberlink Power DVD pack (MP3 encoder and DVD player), in Windows XP Pro.

On 1 computer with this same setup, DVD (backup made with DVD X Copy or original) playback just fine. On the other system, DVD playback is inverted.

Any idea? Thanks.
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I discovered something that may be of use, but I have not played with the idea enough to verify. Ok, so what am I talking about? After some extensive searching I found something on the web about a conflict with the DivX G400 codec... However, there is a config utility for this particular codec in the Nimo pack. Play around, and see if this will help you.

I had read somewhere else that someone cured this problem by installing WinDVD 4. So, I tried this and it worked! The only thing is that WinDVD is on a trial basis and I will need to purchase it at some point... So, in fact, this is only a temporary solution.

There has to be some setting or some codec that can be fixed without having to purchase another product... I tried installing the Nimo pack but it did not solve the inversion problem.

Thanks and Best Regards!
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