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How to copy SACD and get even better sound...

I soldered pure silverwires directly to the analog-output of the DAC (in this case a Pioneer DV-565). On the other end RCA (chinch) plugs - this connected to my M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 soundcard. Played a SACD and recorded it with 24bit 96kHz, rendered it with Wavelab 5 & Apogee UV-22HR to 24bit 192kHz, converted to DVD-A standard and burned it to a DVD+R (could be a DVD-R also). I compared the original (SACD) with the DVD-A copy and guess what....surprise, surprise... the DVD-A copy sounds better (due to the filtering problems of SACD I guess). Strange is that despite the better tonality of the copy the DVD-A sounds much more rhythmic (foottapping factor) and natural than the SACD.
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