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Connect Desktop CD Drive to Laptop

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Hi, I own a Dell Cpi D XT laptop and it doesn't have a cd rom drive yet I'm just wanderin' if its possible to connect my cd rom drive from my desktop computer to the laptop. My laptop doesn't have an OS installed so this is why I'm trying to figure out. If any one has any ideas could you please tell me.
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sparkeyNi you have to remember that not having an OS means you cant always install things through usb using PnP (plug and Play) because that depends on your OS's Drivers. Seen there isn't an OS instaled there is no drivers to run the CD drive through usb.
I may not be right. Because the drivers may be instaled on the motherboard not the hard disk. please reply so I know which.
I think the drivers suppose to be installed on HDD. So i guess there is no other way? Does this mean I have to buy a cd rom drive specifically for the laptop? because I don't want to waste more money on cd rom drives as I already own 10 drives but for desktop pcs. Aw I wish Laptops were universal :(

Thanks a bunch I didn't know they existed.
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