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How to make your own Memory Card Exploit using the Independence Installer

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It is rare to find guides on how to install a memory card exploit.I seen a guide off of ,but it is only for swap magic exploit.With this exploit you can pretty much build a memory card exploit with whatever you want on it.

Tools Needed:
A already compiled disc if you want to strip the files out of it and use it in your exploit or files that you have,but can't burn your exploit right.
A burning program such as Acohol 120% or Nero to burn the image after you are done

Steps in Succeeding with the Independece Memory Card Exploit:

1.You will have to get the files that you need from a already compiled disc,such as keylauncher V0.2 which you can find here

this would be a good file to strip needed files out of to compile your own disc.

2.You have to have a title.db file which is definately need.There is a program called title.db maker which will create a title.db file using the Slus code off of a disc.The title.db file I am gonna use in this tutorial can be located here this is a title.db file which boots using a PS1 game.If you want to create your own title.db you can use the title.db maker which is here .

3.Now you have to open up a file called KL which should be the KL.DAT file with wordpad or notepad either one will work.The file should look like this when you open it up:

[]=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/PS2MEDIA.ELF;PS2 MediaPlayer 1.50
R1=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/CSL.ELF;CogSwapLoader by Hermes

Depending on what button you want your app to launch off of.You must edit the line to assign your app to one of the buttons.For instance lets say I want to change the HDAdvance app to launch from O button.You must look at the O buton first in my example and change it to this which should correct it O=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/HDADVANCE.ELF;HDADVANCE .As you can see I have just switched the HDADVANCE app to load from the O button.When you are typing in BADATA this is for NTSC and when you type in BEDATA this is Europe.Right after that I typed in my .ELF file which should be the name of the apps .ELF file you are using and right after the ";" I named the app that should come up on the menu which should say HDADVANCE.
The L3 and R3 button commands have not been determined yet since I am not sure what the command lines are for them.So for right now you can use every button except for R3 and L3 buttons.

4.Once you have your KL.DAT file assigned right using your .ELF files.You can finally compile it to cd.Make sure you have the title.db before moving on to this step.The order that I used when I compiled my disc was like this using PS2cdgen and taking the files off the keylauncher V0.2 cd build:


/EXPINST.ELF (Express Installer by Sjeep)
/SYSTEM.CNF (Aiming at the EXPINST.ELF, with the LBA in 12231)Right here is where you have to right click on this file and choose edit.Where it says Fix LBA click on it and type in 12231.This file is used to boot up your memory card exploit installer.

/TITLE.DB (this can be booted from a disc that you want to use,the disc that you want to use will be used to get this exploit to boot up everytime when you plug this disc in)The title.db I use is in the link up above.It uses the PS1 discs and if you want to know what PS1 disc can be used you will have to read the readme file inside of the .rar file it comes with.

Make a folder called files,in ps2cdgen it should have a button on the left of the program that says New and has a picture of a folder.Click on it and name it FILES.

the order used for files should be like this:

/FILES/KL.DAT (File of configuration of the KL)This file is the file I told you to configure your apps to launch from the buttons earlier.This file should be the first to go into the FILES folder.

/FILES/BOOT.ELF (KL)This should be the KL.ELF file which you can get from the keylauncher V0.3 .rar file.It should have a KL.ELF file and a KL.DAT file that fixes some problems.The way you use the KL.ELF file is retype it to say BOOT.ELF file which will boot your apps off the memory card.

/FILES/CSL.ELF (CogSwapLoader)This is the well known CogSwapLoader file.The .Elf file is named CSL.ELF in my build.

/FILES/CDLOADER.ELF (CDLoader V7 beta 5.2 file)This is the cdloaderV7_beta5.2 app which should be easily explained.



/FILES/MCFORMAT.ELF (MC Format)Alright this app will format your memory card.If you are not happy with your exploit you can use this app to erase your whole memory card.This is a pretty important file if you only have one memory card and don't want lose any space.You don't have to use this file,you can always go into your PS2 browser and look at your memory card and delete the system file there,but you will lose some space doing this process.That is why this program is good to have.

/Files/MCLOADER.ELF (MCLOADER)This is the mcloader app

/FILES/PS2LINK.ELF (PS2Link)This is the program PS2 Link V1.23

/FILES/PS2LOAD.ELF (PS2Load)This is the PS2Load file

/FILES/PS2MEDIA.ELF (PS2MEDIA)This is the PS2 Media Player V1.50

/FILES/SNES_EMU.ELF (SNES_EMU)This is the SNES station which will launch super nintendo games and it will let you launch SNES builds from a DVD.

/FILES/IPCONFIG.DAT (Config. for PS2Link)








Alright these files I listed right here are mainly to get all the apps to work properly.

Make New Folder and label it DUMMY.This is where I put the 100mb DUMMY.bin file from the keylauncher V0.2 disc it helps the disc launch from the PS2 better.

Alright now click in PS2cdgen at the top where it says File and scroll down to where it says Create CD.Click on it and it will build you a .bin and a .cue file which you can burn with Alcohol 120% or Nero.

5.Now burn your disc with Nero or Alcohol 120%.I like to use Nero so I will give you the step for this program instead.The steps I used to burn this are like this:

Nero Express:
Click on disc image or saved project
Select your .cue file and click on it
Make sure your speed is really slow(I burned my disc at 8X because that was the slowest my burner would burn)
Now you should wait for your disc to burn and if successfull launch the exploit using Swap Magic CD or a modchip whatever way you use to boot your discs.

6.You can use whatever disc you want as long as it boots directly when inserted in the PS2.I used the PS1 game technique,but there are other ways of getting this to boot such as Action Replay,GameShark,Breaker Pro etc...If you want to use a disc like these you will have to edit your title.db file or either build one with title.db maker which can be found off of here .If you need help you ask me where you are stuck on the memory card exploit you are working on.I made this guide to help more people build there own memory card exploits.I wish more people explained there memory card exploit techniques better.The credit goes to the people that made the keylauncher memory card exploits and the people that have worked on the projects inside of the exploits.

All Users Must Read
NOTE:The Independence Exploit is not currently working for PS2 v11 and up.

Peace L-Burna
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Thanks for taking the time to make this guide, man.
Thanks malcdogg I am glad you appreciate it man.I fixed the problem I was having with the L3 and R3 buttons also.This is update to the guide.If you replace the KL.DAT file which should be named BOOT.ELF file with PS2MENU.ELF (changing this to BOOT.ELF and replacing the already existed one,it will fix the L3 and R3 buttons).It gives you a Menu which is actually cool looks kinda like the Hdloader or something,but instead it is called PS2Menu.You can get the PS2Menu latest release here this is the PS2Menu V2.6,but I have seen the PS2Menu -K versions out also which support the HDD which is also cool.This exploit can now launch from HDD and Memory card.

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Yo, first all very nice guide... BUT... where on earth did you find all those programs hdloader,hdadvance,cogswaploader,mcformat..... Please link us, thanks...

Yeah sorry for the late reply,but you can extract all the .elf files and the modules and all of that from the keylauncher V0.2 image file.I put up the link to it,and you can grab it there.You are gonna have to use a iso extracting utility such as isobuster or something similiar to that.When you extract all the file from it,you should end up with two folders,and 4 files.It should look something similiar to this:

DUMMY-this is the Dummy folder where the dummy file is inside of there,I would suggest using it.It helps the exploit launch and so forth.
FILES-this is the files folder,if you look up at the files I listed at the left of them.It will say FILES and then tell you the name of the actually file is given.If you follow that order and make sure you haven't missed anything you can get it to work.

The main files to get it to boot should be:

Note when I said use the system.cnf file in the files folder at the end of it.It is ok to use this system.cnf file twice,but make sure when using the system.cnf the one that is not in the folders to change it to LBA of 12231.Hope that helps everybody looking at this a little bit.If you see anything missing let me know.

Peace L-Burna

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How could I use Gameshark to trigger the mc exploit? I had thought the exploit was only good for PSone game.
I am interested in this for I dont have any Psone game, but I do have a gameshark 2.0 disc
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Actually this guide is for all of the above to boot meaning:PS1,PS2 Demo disc,Breaker Pro V1.1 etc...It must be an original though that can self boot.The exploit won't run off a burnt disc.You said you wanted to run it off the GameShark V2.0 right,but I am wondering if you use it alot.I can help you out with it,but like I said you probably don't wanna use something you are gonna use to launch the exploit.If you do use the GameShark V2.0 alot,it will not boot if you have that memory card in.It will just transfer you to the exploit screen everytime.That is why I am saying use something that you probably don't use.If not try to find a PS2 demo disc,and look at the Slus file in there.Then get the title.db maker which you can find off and build the title.db with the Slus name.It will automatically detect that disc when you plug it in your PS2 everytime.

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minmao Suspended due non-functional email address
Thank you. Actually I never used that gameshark recently. that one I got it because my old modchip require it to boot. I would like to use it for the exploit.
So, I just treat the gameshark as a ps one as described in your tutorial, right? How about an original ps2 game? will that work? I have tons of them I never play.
What I heard is that DVD disc is better for the laser unit of ps2 than the CD one (I might be wrong). that is why I would like to use a ps2 original game to trigger the exploit.
minmao Suspended due non-functional email address
One more question: will the keylauncher copy all the files to the memory so whenever u put in the exploit-triggering game, u will get options to choose different applications.
or u have boot the disc every time?

The exploit will launch to a menu everytime you put your trigger disc in.It will let you then launch the apps from the menu,the problem here is that you don't have the slus code.I think I have that disc,and I will see what I can do to help you out,but if I don't you still are gonna have to tell me what the Slus file is.It normally is something like this SLUS followed by XXX.XX a number like that.Yeah it isn't bad I like it to be honest,and I am sure you would like it also.It pretty much works on all the apps,except for the cdloaderV7_beta5.2 .The reason this one doesn't work is the fact that is mainly a double boot file.I have tried alot of ways getting it to work,but have never succeeded.Alright pretty much well explained,after you tell me the slus file I will get to work.You can find it by browsing through the folder of the gameshark,just pop it in your computer and then double click on the drive that it is in.It will show you the files in the folder,look for SLUS XXX.XX
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What I heard is that DVD disc is better for the laser unit of ps2 than the CD one (I might be wrong). that is why I would like to use a ps2 original game to trigger the exploit.
You cant use a PS2 cd or dvd to trigger the exploit, it wont work.
The exploit takes advantage of a flaw in the boot sequence for PS1 games, its got nothing really to do with the laser or anything..
will the keylauncher copy all the files to the memory
Correct, if your card has enough free space the exploit will copy all the files to the MC =)

Nah man I disagree with that only for one main reason.The breaker pro V1.1 can be used,and I have read others using different methods.It is proven to be honest that it can be launched with a cd or dvd,just depends on the disc being able to self boot.The way you initialize the boot sequence is from a PS2 format disc.The PS1 games,PS2 software,and even PS2 games can be used.If you tried a PS2 demo out,which is on dvd it would work man.I am not trying to argue,but I am just stating that it does actually work.If you want man I can prove it,but I am just saying it really doesn't matter what you use as long as it directly boots.

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I disagree with you on what you said about the cd or dvd not able to be used with the exploit,but I agree with you on the memory card exploit needing space to install.I just use a seperate memory card to install it,and then use another one for saves and so forth.

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minmao Suspended due non-functional email address
Just checked my discs. The gameshark has a file named SLUS_200.90. Also I would try to use a ps2 game,ATV2, which came with the online bundle and I never played it (and never will). The file in ATV2 disc is SCUS_972.11
Thank you, man
L-burna ive tried it with ps2 games and it just does not work?
Nah man I disagree with that only for one main reason.The breaker pro V1.1 can be used
lol, Breaker pro V1.1 is a PS1 disc man, thats why it works with the exploit! =)

Um, I'm still a lil confused, are u saying that EVERY program (including the free HDAdvance and HD loader) are in that keylauncher image??? So in ensence all I have to do is burn it to a disk, install through ps2 on a memory card, and then I can run HDAdvance and HDLoader... Or does this guide just make the proper menu setup and I still need to find these programs???

Interesting, I was looking around in the keylauncher and looked into the FILES folder... Are all those ELFs the programs??? They kinda remind me of the xbox's XBEs lol... Anyways if this thing really works I will bow down and kiss your feet!

Weird, that system.cnf file you talked about is a shortcut icon to "speed dial"??? And it doesn't give me the option to "edit" once I right click it... I just looked into control panel/apperance/folderoptions/filetype and found that the CNF file type is linked to "speed dial" confrencing utility DLL, is this normal???
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4 in a row this is a record, anyways... Should I use a standard ps1 memory card or a ps2 (8mb) card... Will the ps2 card work?

1.Yes, ALL the programs (elfs) are in keylauncher!
2.You can edit the System.cnf with notepad.
3.Use a PS2 memory card, a PS1 card will not work.
4.Only PS1 games will trigger the exploit, PS2 cds and dvds will not work.
Hope that clears things up Ataxonu =)

Sure does dude, thanks... But... A good point to make is that depending on how windows is setup the icon for the system.cfg file will be a "shortcut" called SpeedDial (A MS fax/phone client built into windows XP) It is only after I slid it into the cdgenps2 that it would then allow to select edit and put in the LBA number

2.You can edit the System.cnf with notepad.

Is very interesting... But it seems as though not directly...

The next problem I'm not clear on is what Burna said about how he fixed the L3 and R3 buttons... Could you please reword or rephrase that paragraph because I don't understand the following sentance:

"If you replace the KL.DAT file which should be renamed BOOT.ELF file with PS2MENU.ELF (changing this to BOOT.ELF and replacing the already existed one)...

I don't understand that...could you rephrase?

Alright jonjakjam since you say it doesn't work.I will drop what I know and say no it doesn't work.Yes it does,and you are wrong man.The breaker pro disc is not dvd,but it isn't a PS1 disc.It is software for the PS2,and it works using the memory card exploit.I have a demo disc,and am gonna try it out and prove that works also.You probably messed up when you created the Title.db is all.The main thing with the Title.db is that you have to extract the slus from the system.cnf file in the actual disc you getting it from.

L-burna ive tried it with ps2 games and it just does not work?
You don't have proof that it doesn't work,and probably didn't create the title.db right.
lol, Breaker pro V1.1 is a PS1 disc man, thats why it works with the exploit! =)
The breaker pro is a PS2 format disc that is why it boots,in the same since you can boot the gameshark V2.What was the game you couldn't get the exploit to launch with.I have heard people use the cheating devices to launch the exploit also.It isn't just PS1 games,whoever told you that is wrong for real.

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Yeah Ataxonu the KL file is just the file in the keylauncher that is named BOOT.ELF .What you want to do is download the PS2Menu V2.6 and grab the PS2Menu.ELF file from it.Then rename the PS2MENU.ELF file to BOOT.ELF,and replace it with the keylauncher KL.ELF file.I am saying replace the already existing BOOT.ELF with the PS2MENU.ELF,because that one is better.Hey I also noticed something in my list of .ELF files that I had SNES_EMU.ELF that one will not be in the keylauncher.That was one I additionally added.Oh and Ataxonu keep the actual KL.DAT file in there,because that file is what you configure your apps with.

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L-Burna IF Breaker pro is a PS2 format disk, could you explain to me why it works with the PS1?

I would prefer the exploit to boot from a dvd game and Ive tried it with several PS2 Dvd games, Gran Turismo3, Vice City, Second sight, MGS2... all of which do not boot the exploit? Strange huh?

All my PS1 disks work and boot the exploit fine. I know how to edit the title.db, Ive never made an exploit that doesnt work =)

Alright the Breaker Pro is a compiled software disc for the PS2 and has a PS1 game in it.The only reason I said it is not the same as PS1 is the fact that it is actually different.I will see what I can do for you jonjakjam on those games you mentioned.I am sure you know how to make a Title.db file,it is probably the method you used.I have the title.db already made for minmao also,if you want the title.db file minmao send me a PM with your email address alright.Alright gotta start getting ready for class right now jonjakjam,but when I come back I will start working on it alright man.

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