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Leisure Suit Larry - her's how to make USA ver uncensored

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Here is how I modified this game to make it uncensored like the European version. I would like to go ahead and say that I have not done but maybe 5% of the game so I do not if it will uncensor the lower portions of the girls. But here it is anyways.

1) Rip the game with DVD Decrypter
2) Open with Isobuster 1.6
3) Highlight all the files click extract objects
4) Get Hex Editor 2.0 and start the program
5) Click open, then go into the data folder, then the jamfile folder, then the ps2 folder, and open the file appinit.jam
6) In Hex Editor click find and type in the ASCII space the following: Nudity Setting
(Note case DOES matter.)
7) Now you should be able to see the following statement:
Nudity Setting -- set this value to 1 to remove censor bars (for european version)...DataLink { Name "NudityMode".Type Boolean.Data 0 }..
8) change the 0 to 1 and save and close the editor
9) Now rebuild the iso using CD_DVD-Rom Generator 1.5
If you do not know how to rebuild an iso image, do a search for Star Wars Battlefront and go to the thread titled Having Trouble With Star Wars Battlefront?

For those who try this out and are far into the game post how well it works. Thanks everyone.
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any updates on if your patch worked, i'm gonna try it but putting the "modded" lsl on my hdd to save dvdr's, thanks in advance
The only thing I can verify is the scene with Sally Mae. Normally there will be a censored bar there but when I redid the game it showed his bare butt. So as far as i can tell it is working.
Don't know what happened I followed the steps, and now have a possible coaster. I found the text in the hex editor changed the 0 with a 1, and rebuilt excatly like star wars battlefront. Im using swap magic, and all im getting is the first screen then it takes me back to the memory card screen. Are you using another program like dvdloader to run it, or did I forget something. Thanks
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Thanks Jimmy, its seems to be working, a scene with Luba and she is topless, no censor bar.
I am using the cogswaploader off my memory card to load it and it works fine. So I am not sure exactly what is a matter. Anyone else have any problems?
where can you get the programs you need

PS2v7/Matrix Infinity
MadDog DVD Burner
Media: Ritek G04 DVD-R
Alcohol 120%-DVD Shrink-Nero

Socom name is LVZBEL
I have now made 2 coasters, I followed all of the directions exactly. I compiled th ISO file, using ISOBuster for the order of files, and and getting the .000, .001, and .002 with CD_DVD-Rom Generator 1.5. I compiled those files with CDVDGEN ISOBuilder. The first time I left out a file, but the second time I made sure I did everything right. The ISO file turned out to be the same exact size of the original. I burned with Nero and 2x speed.

When I boot it up normally with my DMS3 modchip, it goes to the Playstation 2 logo and then stays black for a little bit and then goes back to the ps2 browser. So I booted up HDAdvance, installed it on my HDD with no errors, and still no luck.

I have no clue what is wrong.
Don't feel bad senz Im having the same exact problem. I don't know if its because im not using the cogswaploader like jimmy or theres something im leaving out. I did the cddvdgenerator method without the fix and it works fine, but you get the censor boxes. So I guess im stuck with that one untill I figure out what im missing.
Hey guys, this sounds neat. I have already rebuilt my battlefront, thug2 and x men legends so thats now new to me, but where can I get Hex Editor. I got one called Cygnus Hex Editor, is that the same sort of thing? Thanks Can't wait to get this going :)
Any Hex Editor should work, because they all do the same thing.
Update, I have the offset used to make the changes, someone let me know if this is the right one:

EXACT LINE: 0022f030

Changed the character from a 1 to a 0. Doesn't seem to fix it.

As far as I can tell, this doesn't fully uncensor the game. If you go into the model viewer, and view the models, there are still censor bars across the 'nether' regions. I'd done some research before posting, and apparently there was another place to patch on the Xbox and PC versions as well. I've checked that patch, and have patched the PS2 version accordingly (I believe) and still nothing.

To quote 5000watts in the Xbox forum:
Its dead simple to change the Censor settings yourself. NO D/L REQUIRED. Get yourself a hexeditor like HHD Hex Editor. Open the ORIGINAL AppInit.JAM file, don't d/l and open the AppInit.JAM file that is floating around, all its "00" values have been changed to "20". The game wont load with this version.

Do a search for this entry "Nudity Setting", it reads "set this value to 1 to remove censor
bars....etc....DataLink { Name "NudityMode".Type Boolean.Data 0 }".
Change the 0 to a 1 !!

Then look for line 00371490, it reads "0.000000 1.00000"
Change the 1 to a 0 !!

Save the changes, replace the file, create ISO, Burn to disc, run the game.....

I have tested it to work with the following;
- Censored bars removed when you unlock nude rotating models in the extras menu when you pause the game.
- Censored bar removed when larry gets the first chick back to his room and drops his pants (although you can't see his old-fella cause its just off the screen anyway, but you do catch a glimpse of his arse).
- Censored bar removed when you unlock nude dance mode. You can later go back to the first chick and she'll do a strip dance for you... yep top and bottom all revealed....

Anyone got the exact offsets? I'm pretty sure I changed the right places, but the in game model viewer still shows the censor bars. Just kinda irks me that those of us in the USA don't get to see the game the way it was designed, just because some people are easily offended by naked women.

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When 5000watts says...

Save the changes, replace the file, create ISO, Burn to disc, run the game...

What file is he meaning to replace? I have just been saving the changes, and then rebuilding the the iso.
Is that why im ending up with coasters?
Ya gotta be sure to use a Hex Editor... using a standard editor like wordpad or notepad doesn't work. For the most part, I created an .ISO of my DVD, extracted the file using winRAR, made the changes, then used: MagicISO to put the changed file back into place.

Thanks to Shadelore for mentioning MagicISO, I made an working ISO. But instead extracting the whole ISO, I just extracted the affected file and changed the value and added back to the ISO ( I suggest using a copy, just in case) using MagicISO.

So far I haven't really played that much, so don't know if the patch works.
Well, as far as I can tell, it works INGAME.. but the model viewer still has the annoying censored box. Hopefully someone will be able to crack this case!

Did I/we miss something to patch?

hi can any body help me i can make the rebuild the iso file i already look in the other forum of starswars but i don't get it. can any body give me a link or tell me how to do it

PS2v7/Matrix Infinity
MadDog DVD Burner
Media: Ritek G04 DVD-R
Alcohol 120%-DVD Shrink-Nero

Socom name is LVZBEL
how do I change the 0 to a 1. I've tried everything, backspace, inserd, edit, right click, nothin'. Does anybody know? please help me
ok , lol, i figured that one out, but now I can't save it. it says invalid user.txt will not proceed, now what?
You can't save a file that is a certain amount of size without regeristing your product.
The save wasn't big at all, it was changing a 0 to a 1. I got it to do that but after I burnt it, nothing, I could hear my fan making weird noises, but she wouldn't load. I've done this method a few times before with no problems, what do you think I could be doing wrong? Thanks
I suggest you use MagicISO. It worked for me, and all I did was add the modded .jam file to the original iso. Didn't even have to extract the whole iso.

Also, has anyone else tried to play this game off the HDD, it won't work for me.
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I have hd advance, and so far has worked without any problems. This one is not the version with the censor box fix though. I still make coasters when I try to apply the fix.
why r u people so interested in seeing a naked video game render?
Because the bars on the game are annoying.

Also most of us, except me, are desperate.
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