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Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude NO censor bars

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alright folks lol it seems like theres a do it yourself patch out there.... but as you know me i DONT do patches... so ok on with the show folks...

1st theres the do it yourself patch

in the data files look for a file called AppInit.jam copy it into the pc and open it with text editor or hex editor... and search for this line

DataRegistry[ 147 ]
// Nudity Setting -- set this value to 1 to remove censor bars (for european version)
DataLink { Name "NudityMode" Type Boolean Data 0 }

and change the 0 to 1 and save
copy all the files and build image using the sony generator... then burn and play w/o the bars...

quite easy for those who know how to use it...

2nd way MY WAY ^_^

using typical codes the bars can be turned off... so lets see them shall we?

Action replay MAX/EVO


No Censorship

few more codes make other "neat" options

Naughty Mode

Nude Mode

Gameshark v3-v4
F411187C FEF40CAE

No Censorship
25901768 3670C398

Naughty Mode
45D19228 9264553C
04D0B628 3674E50C

Nude Mode
25509128 167455BC

CodeBreaker v1-v6
FA2E7E2D 329232B2

No Censorship
2A638BB4 00000000

Naughty Mode
4A9986C7 C4ADE5C0
0A22080D 00000000

Nude Mode
2A4FB097 00000001

have fun kids ;-)

p.s. i know this aint the best reason to post but still... IT IS ps2 game... and who wouldnt want to see 3d boobs.. and all in datail!! ^_^...

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White PS3 CECH-2506B PS3ITA 4.50 Converted DEX
Black PS3 DECH-J00A DEX FW4.50
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Buddy I spent 2 days glued to my living room playing this game - it is totally hilarious!!!

Thanks for the cheats Cyp!

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