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Copying Doom 3 to a single 4.7GB DVD

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Hi, everyone I am new to this forum and have indeed found you very helpfull.

I will however let you know how to backup your Doom 3 disks onto a dvd that will install doom 3 completely onto your hard disk the only problem is that you may need a no cd patch for the game to work.

1. you will firstly need an MSI editing tool, I recommend using Orca, just search for it under google.

2. Make a folder on your desktop and name it Doom 3 for e.g, then insert your doom 3 cd 1 into your cd drive and quit the popup screen you get.

3. Go to my computer then right click on the cd drive which contains doom 3, and select explore. Next left click and drag over everything in that directory you are in and then right click and select copy.

4. Go to your directory on your desktop you have created and right click inside it and select paste, now allow the files to be copied to that directory. Should take about 7 mins.

5. Now take out doom 3 cd 1, and insert doom 3 cd 2. As before quit the popup you get and go to the drive as we did before but this time find setup\data\base directory on the cd and copy pak000.pk4 and pak001.pk4 and paste them in the base directory of your desktop directory you created.

6. Basically we next insert cd 3 and do the same procedure as above, NOTE:that we must copy pak003.pk4 and pak004.pk4 and copy them in our desktop directory of the base directory with the other pak files that are in there.

Next we need to edit the doom 3.msi file, this is where you will need Orca. So open up Orca to edit the msi file.

7. Open Orca, then click on file\open\ then choose the directory on your desktop and select the Doom 3.msi file, it should be located above the isiscript file in the same directory.

8. Now in the column on your left, select media.
you should now see a set of disk id.

e.g, disk id 1, disk id 2, disk id 3.

9. Next all you have to do is change the last sequence value for disk id 1 to the last sequence value in the list you have, this last sequence value should be for disk id 3 and should have the highest value number to all the rest.

so left click on the sequence value should be a 3 digit number or 2 digit number for e.g 75 and change it to the same value as disk id 3 value which for e.g could be 104 then change the volume label to something like Doom 3.

10. Now delete lines 2 and 3 from the media table, so select line 2 by left clicking it and press delete on your keyboard. Do the same for the id 3 aswell.
Basically make sure you now only have disk id 1 left within the table.

Now click on file\save as\ save it as the doom 3.msi file by either going to the directory and left clicking on it and overwrite it.

Note: you can if you want add a no cd patch within the directory on your desktop, by going to the directory\insert a new folder\ call it patch, then insert your no cd patch in here, I actually zipped the patch first and copied it to the folder called patch.

All you have to do next is burn the contents from the directory to a dvd. Please note: make sure the label you name the disk as matches that in your media table. E.g, when you was in Orca, editing the msi file, remember the volume label that you named the msi file and use that as the same volume label for your dvd, if not your dvd will not work!!!.

Its really upto you what burning software you use, but I prefered to use intervideo disk master. Also copy the dvd as a data dvd for this to work.

make sure the settings are iso, and the box that says joliet is checked, remember to burn at only 2X, 4X maximum any higher than 4X will not copy, due to safe disk 2/3 disk read errors. Took about 8mins to burn at 2X.

Note: 2X means two speed, just incase you didn't know, lol. Anyhow just posted this to see if it will help you, but please remember I am not responsible for what you do and how you copy it.

I am simply just giving you information on how I backed up my doom 3 game, and I am not saying this method will work for everyone. I am not a hacker nor am I intending to illegally distribute anything, I am basically just sharing my knowledge.

Please remember that you can backup your games for your personal use but you should therefore not intend to sell, distribute them of anykind based under copyright laws.

Hope you found this tutorial helpfull, as it worked for me first time round, I am not saying it will work for everyone. But if however you did find my tutorial helpfull please post on the forum or to this thread I would be deeply be pleased about any help I can give.

Plus this is my first tutorial I have written so, pardon me if it is rather dull. Hope to hear from you, THANX from D3xblade.
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D3xblade Suspended due non-functional email address
heyup, its me again. Just to let you know the tutorial I wrote for backing up doom 3, worked excellently for me the first time round. When I inserted the dvd, it actually loads up to install doom 3 then theres no need to even insert cd 2 or cd 3, its excellent.

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any help needed just send a post to this thread please, i'm all ears.

thanx, also as stated on my last post, please let me know if my tutorial was of any help to you. As if you need any extra info or details or better descriptions on how to do it, let me know.
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In case you missed it the first time you read the forum rules, there's to be no discussing cracks :)

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Hi there nethelim, Sorry about the thread I posted on the forum, as I am a newbie I forgot that I should not have posted info on cracks. Very sorry and it won't happen again, my sincere appologies m8.

Also anyone wanting to discuss info on cracks, please do not ask me for the info on them, You will have to find out the info on yourself just like everyone else.

any other info you wish to discuss, please post to this thread. Thanx
No worries. Your guide should be useful as we have quite a few folks wanting to put multidisc games on DVD.

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D3xblade Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi there again everyone.
If you have found the doom 3 dvd backup tutorial helpful, then you may find this info helpfull.

Notice that when you are backing up doom 3 onto the dvd, it only takes a small amount of space up. Remembering that the dvdRW that I used was 4.7GB in size and the actual game, including all the 3 doom cd's backed up together only actually amounted upto something like 1545mb in total, which was only about less than half the amount of space the dvd holds.

So concidering this information, I managed to back up a 6 cd game using the same method of backing up doom 3, and it works brilliant. I think its an excellent way of backing up your games, as there is no need to keep inserting disk 2 then disk 3 and so on.

Also I noticed a slightly significant increase and boost in the installation of the game, as it seems to install in half the time it would have originally taken.

Hope you found this useful, to all you gamers out there who which to back large games up I think this will help you very much.

And someone please send a post to this thread if you want any advice, please I'm al ears.

I am willing to try and help you out with any backup problems. Thanx again
D3xblade Suspended due non-functional email address
For help on the Doom 3 backup DVD game, underneath is a list of software I used to accomplish this and my system specs.

System Spec
AMDathlon xp 1800+ processor which is currently running at 1.5ghz

MemoryPC200 512mb of DDR crucial memory.

Asrockk7s8x motherboard with onboard sound

Maxtor40GB hard disk drive with UDMA support, UDMA=Ultra Direct Memory Access.

17inch flat screen CRT color monitor.

Standard 3 1/2inch floppy disk drive

Justlink52X[speed] cd writer.

Ricoh mp5240aDVD+RW/+R dvd writer.

Tower Case: 4BAY midi tower ATX.

infra red heatsink and 12v noiseless copper fan./chassis fan 5v.

Trust me, I built this machine about a year ago, which cost me around 340 at the most, and bought the dvd writer seperate for around 99.

If anyone has the same dvd writer as me or plans on purchasing one, on my opinion if your short on money buy it, if you can afford a bit more definatley get a better one such as a dvd+and-RW.

The reason for this is because I have spent around 50 of cash on dvd media which has not worked or been compatible with my dvd writer, when I first purchased it. I found that the best and most excellent media you can use for this writer has gotta be the Imation dvd+r and dvd+RW media, which costs around 24.99 for a pack of 25 without the dual cases provided.

The info listed above is just my system spec for people to compare against, incase they are running a lower spec system.

Also underneath is the software I actuallt use for backing up my dvd's and making dvd games.

Intervideo Disk Master
Alcohol 120%
DVD Shrink
Intervideo DVD Copy
Orca Msi Editor

Note you can download orca, by going to the microsoft windows update site and downloading the windows installer SDK for win98/2000/XP.

hope you found this usefull, thanx.

D3xblade Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi nethalim,
please direct some folks to my thread, lol.

I can assure them that the doom 3 tutorial works excellently. But as I say It may not work for everyone.

Anyhow I'll keep checking the thread for new posts and any dudes/dudettes need some info, just ask. thanx.
If the question comes up again I'll be sure to direct them to this thread :)

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Not as a criticism, but I found some of the directions here not entirely clear, although with some trial and error did eventually manage to get things working. I thought I might provide some clarification for others having difficulty with the those provided.

To get the Orca package goto:
[I installed the Windows 2003 Server SDK, and installed everything, although I suspect only the "Core" or "XP SP2" SDK's will have the required next step]

To install the Orca package:
You will then have to goto your SDK install directory, and run the bin\orca.msi file (defaults to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\Bin\Orca.msi). This will add Orca to your Start Menu, and give a right-click option for *.msi files - "Edit with Orca".

I could not get the DVD-backup method of changing the index and deleting the extra lines as instructed by D3xblade to work, so instead I changed each lines VolumeLabel == DOOM3_1:

1. Follow D3xBlades instructions steps 1 thru 6 (copying doom3 cd1 to a folder, copying from cds 2 and 3 \setup\data\base\*.pk4 into backup \setup\data\base folder - leaving 6 files in that folder: game00.pk4 and pak000.pk4 thru pak004.pk4)

2. Open backupfolder\Doom 3.msi (you can open it by right clicking on it and selecting "edit with orca").

3. From the "Tables" column (left side) select "Media". The right side of the window should now display several columns. Mine was as follows:

DiskId | LastSequence | DiskPrompt | Cabinet | VolumeLabel | Source

My values were:

1 | 76 | DOOM 3 Disk 1 | empty | DOOM3_1 | empty
2 | 90 | DOOM 3 Disk 2 | empty | DOOM3_2 | empty
3 | 104 | DOOM 3 Disk 3 | empty | DOOM3_3 | empty
1 | 105 | DOOM 3 Disk 1 | empty | DOOM3_1 | empty

4. I changed each VolumeLabel value to be the same "DOOM3_1" and left all other values alone. When finished it looked like:

1 | 76 | DOOM 3 Disk 1 | empty | DOOM3_1 | empty
2 | 90 | DOOM 3 Disk 2 | empty | DOOM3_1 | empty
3 | 104 | DOOM 3 Disk 3 | empty | DOOM3_1 | empty
1 | 105 | DOOM 3 Disk 1 | empty | DOOM3_1 | empty

5. Finally, because I am running Windows 2003 Server as my desktop I needed to change another setting to let it install. From the "Tables" column (left side) select "LaunchCondition". The right side of the window should now display two columns: Condition | Description

My value for condition was:

(Not Version9X=400) And (Not VersionNT=400) And (Not VersionNT=502)

6. I changed the VersionNT value to equal 510 (randomly choosen):

(Not Version9X=400) And (Not VersionNT=400) And (Not VersionNT=510)

7. Save, Burn, Install, and enjoy.

I want to reaffirm that the reason I listed these steps were only b/c i had mild difficulty following the above directions and only wanted to clarify for other idiots like me - without D3xblade's directions I would not have been able to do this.
Hey i am trying to backup my Doom 3 and i have followed the instructions but i could not get orca installed so i got a copy of a fixed Doom3.msi file. Am i ready to burn the dvd yet, and if i am how can i do it using either Roxio easy cd creator 6 or Nero 6?

Thanx. I well appreciate any help.
Never mind. I got it sorted. Thanx a million D3xblade. Really appreciate it man. Cheers!
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I followed your instructions in combinding the three doom cds and made the adjustments to the msi as instructed. How to I change the CD-Rom image over to the DVD data image before burning? I'm hoping that this isn't a stupid question...


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You'll just be burning a Data DVD- If you are using Nero, click new, select DVD-ROM (iso) {you may have to click the small dropdown box at the top left corner of the dialog box from "cd" to "dvd". then select your files, and burn as normal.
mac53 Suspended due non-functional email address

I have Nero 6...

I wasn't sure if I had to convert the iso over to VOB to something like that. Thank you very much...


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nop. thos' is fo dvd-moo-vies. but if you have downloaded a bunch of ifo/vob/bup files - in Nero select the the dvd-video option, and drag those files to the video_ts folder (or you can select dvd-udf and create that folder manually).
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I have an issue that I would like to run past you gents that are familiar with the orca operations.

After successfully setting up my Doom 3 iso, I have another 2 disc game that I would like to do the same with. It's Rainbow Six "Ravenshield". After extracting the Data1-data3 cab files I found an msi. When I tried to edit it with orca, I received a "Failed to open database" error, so it wasn't edited. Can any of you gents/ladies out there suggest anything I can do to correct this issue?

Thanks :)

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Yeah umm i did the whole delete the 3 things in the .msi file and changed it to Doom3 as the volume name and it didnt work and you failed to say anthing about the 4th file in the .msi file that goes back to disc 1 and the number was 105. So i just deleted it to and my friend tried to install it on his machine and didnt work. So he copied all files to hard drive and i sent him a copy of the original .msi file and worked fine as i thought it would but what am i doing wrong when i am workin on the .msi file?? help out please. Cause if this works im gonna copy my FarCry game to dvd cause its 5 disc and that is annoying. Thanks.

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The posts in this thread pertain very good information in reference to the editing of an .msi file, especially with the Doom3 (3 disk backup to DVD). Knowing that ORCA is an excellent program for accomplishing this task...Can anyone advise me as to how I can perform the same operation with the Setup.exe ( Installshield) launchers? I have Descent 3, ver.101 with an Installshield setup.exe ver. that I would like to perform the same task as I have with the Doom3 project and back it up to DVD, also. How do I get into these launchers???

Thanks for any assistance... ;)

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coldfirex when you changed the conversions or the values that were i lost ya, i only had to versions not three you said something about windows 2003 i got xp if it makes a differance not sure what iam doing wrong.when you wrote save is that to the folder on the desk top? i would appreciate it thanks okie


Let's avoid the all caps ;)

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Yeah umm my friend when he opened it up in Orca program he just named all the volume names to Doom3 and so it worked. Idk if it does it yet i havent tried it but i took his word on it k.
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Hello, I have been having a problem with my Doom 3 DVD Copying. I did all the steps mentioned in Orca, but I found 4 lines of stuff in the Media Table. When I try to run Doom 3's install, after I put a cdkey, it brings up an error about an internal error in game00.pk4 and stops the install. I am running Windows XP if you need to know.
you didnt get all your files from the disk to your base directory like 00game or what ever it was.

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