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can somebody tell me STEP BY STEP how to burn ps2 games. I just got a flip top with the swap magic set so thats a check. I also have dvd decrypter. So after that can somebody tell me what to i knwo about the iso read and iso write but where does the dvd burner come into play???? I just downloaded Magic CD/DVD Burner 1.10.00. Do i really need a dvd burner when i have a dvd rom drive??? please someone who has had no problems burning games could you tell me the steps of how you do it because it just seems like i just wasted 100+ dollars on equipment and every time i turn around there is something else you need to buy!!
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well you have all the right tools and its easy with dvd decrypter.

Quick way to copy a game. Assuming you have the original game dvd and want to back it up.


open dvd decryptor then go to MODE>ISO>READ and then it will copy the game and make an iso file on your pc hdd.


when that finishes go to MODE>ISO>WRITE and then select the iso file that decryptor just maade. It will burn the file to the dvd and presto you are done.

Simple as that.
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so i dont need the dvd burner?????
You need a DVD/CD burner to create a disc, period! A normal DVD drive (DVD-ROM) will read CD/DVDs but it wont write to a CD/DVD. If you cant tell if you have a writer, you need to learn more about computers first. Without basic knowledge of computers, you wont be able to figure out how to back up your games. I am not trying to be mean, but thats how it is.
i know about computers trust me on that one. I dont know how to burn ps2 dvd games. Nobody is telling me how to do it. they just keep saying iso read iso write i know that!!! where does the dvd burner come into place is what im asking! Could you tell me what to do! step by step including the dvd burner thats all i am asking
first of all there is a million topics saying how to burn a ps2 game here. Try searching next time. Second you say you know about computers but you can't follow 2 steps and the fact that the burner is doing the READ and WRITE? Those steps assume you have a dvd/cd burner since you are asking how to burn game in the first place.

I will still help you out....

1. Take the ps2 game put it in the dvd rom or dvd burner, your choice.

2. open the dvd decryptor program then go to to tool bar and hit MODE>ISO>READ. Then choose the correct dvd drive that the game is in as the "source". Also choose where you want the files to be stored on the pc hdd. THEN CLICK DECRYPT , or the huge graphical picture at the bottom of the program which makes it run. The game is now copying to your HDD. Take the game out when finished (it might take a while).

3. Go to the same tab in dvd decryptor and choose MODE>ISO>WRITE. This will then let you look for the files you just created in step 2. Select the file that you just created. (There is only 2 files creadted so pick the smaller one, I forget what its called. If it dosen't work pick the other file instead.) Then click WRITE, make sure there is blank DVD or CD in the drive depending on if its a cd or dvd game.

The game is now burning.... when done Take the game out!
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YOU ARE THE SHIT DOG!!!!!! ive been asking for that for like two months!!! DAMN thanx a lot if i have any problems ill holla back
i hope sh*t dogs arent a form of hot dog ;) anyways, dvd decrypt is teh way to go. I have had good succss with Alcohol 120% as well. Also please note if any of your games use the DNAS authentication system. games.. burnin them is a bit trickier :D

good luck !


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Astrotoy when i run into the DNAS system problem, what are some of the things i am going to have to do differently?

ALso is this only for online games or is this also a sort of protection SOny has on the dvd trying to stop duplication???


well, playing online definitely requires DNAS authentication. However, if you make a straight copy of a DNAS game, even without the intention of playing online, because you lose the DNAS code when burning, the game can play up. This happenned to me with SW Battlefront and Fifa 2005(which didnt work at all).

patching the DNAS code back into the iso you will burn will mean you will not have those problems, as well as be able to play online :)

please note, to be able to patch teh DNAS code into your iso you will need to get it off your original disc using a very nifty utility called Disc ID Utility.

so if you have any games that do have dnas you really need to patch the code into your iso otherwise your gonna be makin coasters :(

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Cool, Thanks Atrotoy, i can patch the dnas id straight from the same game im making a copy of, or does it have to be another dnas id'ed game? Can it be from the same game.?

Thanks, ill be on alert to all replys



Thanx abunch for the info in here guys :)

very helpful...................and btw I never knew about the whole DNAS thing, so thanks now I know why Some games never worked :D

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I have the DVD Decrypter and the Magic Swap disc. What i would like to know is if there is a a particular type of DVD media i need to use when burning the backup? My DVD burner will only recognize DVD+R discs and not DVD-R. I didn't know if there was a name brand anyone has had better luck with. Also i haven't had any luck with the DVD+R discs using the DVD Swap method. I don't know if its me or the actual DVD itself. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Hi, I found that MEMOREX dvd+r works in every system I have.

I use MEMOREX DVD+R 4x and 8x which all work in my ps2, PSTwo, Xbox, all my friends old ps2's, all my dvd players, all my buddies dvd players.

So I guess its safe to say use memorex, they are pretty good quality dvd's and they are cheap in price!
Thanks for the Info. I'll try that and see if it works. Btw what kind of modchip do you use on your PS2? Swap magic or an actual modchip?
I went and bought MEMOREX DVD+R discs and for some reason they still will not work. I am using the Swap Magic DVD boot disc. It will load up and say "insert disc." Then i use the slide card like i should, open the ps2 tray and insert my backup. When i hit X the insert disc screen freezes and there is a red or hot pink outline around the top and left corners of the screen. I am using DVD Decrypter to read the game, i create the ISO and also using DVD Decrypter to write the DVD, also i am burning it on the lowest write speed possible. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? PLEASE HELP!
Ok well i can only think that you are not doing the slide part 100% correct.

The first few times I did the slide trick I could not get it to work. You have to follow the instructions on how to do the slide part carefully, and once you get it you will know exactly how to do it again. Kind of like a bike, you get the feel for it then you have it for life.

keep trying..... if i remember properly, once you put the game in the tray and push it in, you have to do a small slide to the right then a big one to the left which you can feel the disk try locking into place. This is the keep aspect.

again read the directions on how to do it and try again.
i appreciate your help! i'll keep trying! Thanks again
Hello guys. I notice that people here are helpful so i thought i would like to express my difficulties with the situation of burning a ps2 game thats on my hard drive to a dvd disc that actually works a ps2 that has swap magic operating. Therefore i will appreciate a step by step guide to help burn tht game to a dvd using Nero or DVD Decrypter I have tried using Nero 6.3 to burn it burnt succesfully but it didnt work when i used the swap magic. Now this is what confuses me i dont know which format to choose to burn the game onto a dvd disc I tried (DVD ISO)and didnt work now im not sure which format to choose i am pleading for advise thanks
Hey, i have one quick question. Where is the best, most reliable, cheapest and fastest shipping website IN THE USA that you can go on to order swap magic?
I finally got the process down correctly. I found out the problem was not my swap magic, but my burn speed. I was burning the backups way too fast. Thanks for the help!
Can somebody answer my question, i've been asking for like 3 months, and nobody's replied!! I would appreciate some feedback!
Most likely the reason no one has answered your question is because you are not supposed to advertise on the forums. I'll PM you the place where I got mine. I'm not sure if it was the cheapest, but they shipped it right out to me and it works great.
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Okay, now, I am well aware the most common method of backing up PS2 games is via swap discs or a mod chip. Mod chips in PS2s are very hard to put in and you need a steady hand, however, I was thinking and I realized that the discs that are used for console games such as XboX and PS2 are in fact DVDs, however the book type is DVD-ROM. Now is it possible to not have a modification chip present in a console for example the PS2, and burn a DVD+R at a certain speed and booktype of DVD-Rom, and would work without a mod chip. I would greatly appreciate a response from anyone who knows, thanks.

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I'm not sure, but i don't think so.
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