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i have rented a dvd of "Friends" from my video store and it has some extras, which can only be seen through Interactual Player. As long as i put the dvd in the dvd rom interactual player gets installed. So far so good. When I try to run it, an error comes up: "Error PL4002: InterActual Player is unable to detect your DVD decoder. If you have one installed, please ensure that your decoder is functioning correctly by launching your DVD decoder from Start | Programs. If your computer did not include a DVD decoder, click the Help Online button (bottom button on the left) to find out how to purchase a DVD decoder for your computer." What should i do? Can i download these decoders? And if yes from where? Please help me out! Thanks a lot! (I use Power dvd by the way)
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Hey there Izolde, welcome to aD,
What should I do? Can I download these decoders? And if yes from where? Please help me out! Thanks a lot! (I use Power dvd by the way)

1. Do what the message says. Go online and download the DVD Decoder. Once you have it all should work fine.

2. Yes, see the answer in number 1.

3. From Interactual's web site. The link should be right there on the player OR under the "Help" tab. In the worse case senerio, "Google" for it.
4. I'm truely sorry, it's not possible for me to help anymore than I have, I am unable to come there and download it for you BUT it's not too hard to do and you CAN do it, I have faith in you :)

Best of luck,


The Old Man Pete ()

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Hi Pete,
thanks a lot for your time and your help. But I still encounter the same problem! Actually the message says to go online and purchase the decoder. When I click there I get the following message: "Solution:
If you have one of the following DVD decoder programs installed in your Windows NT system, the InterActual software will not detect the decoder, and the video functions in our software will not operate:
CyberLink PowerDVD
InterVideo WinDVD
Windows NT does not support DirectShow DVD functions, so the support in InterActual software for these decoders cannot function in this operating system. The DVD movie should still play in your DVD software however, so all you should need to do is close the InterActual application and run your DVD program. This can usually be found in your Start | Programs menu.
If you have the Mediamatics DVD Express player on your Windows NT system, we have built direct support for this decoder into the next generation of our software, InterActual Player 2.0. This software should provide full access to all PCFriendly features, and will play DVD-Video from the Mediamatics decoder. You can download our new interface from

After you install the InterActual Player, here is how to specify to our interface that you have the Mediamatics software:

Click the Configure button along the top of the InterActual Player's window.
Select the Settings tab.
At the bottom is the "Select DVD Navigator (For Advanced Users Only)" option. Change this setting from "Auto Detect" to "Mediamatics (DVDExpress)".
Click Apply. The application will inform you it needs to restart. Click the Checkmark button, and InterActual Player should close and reopen itself.
Try the DVD again. It should now play.
Unfortunately, this is the only NT-compatible software decoder that is supported by InterActual software. Users of other software DVD products will have to close the InterActual program and start the DVD in their own DVD software."

Should I try and download Mediamatics (which i cannot find by the way)?

Thanx again



The reason they gave you those instructions to begin with was so that you could use them. If you don't want to, don't, the choice is always yours.
Should I try and download Mediamatics (which I cannot find by the way)?

Try Googling for it -


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The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
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