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Newbie Guide - PC to PS2 via LAN (Apps & Games)

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Do you want to know how to install games to your PS2 via LAN? If yes read on.

I had not tried this until yesterday and have only just got it working. I had great difficulty in getting info on how to do this as most guides take you part way there and then stop.

What you will need

For this guide I will expext you to have the following:

Playststion 2 Console
HDD for the PS2
PS2 Network Adaptor
PS2 Memory Card
PS1 Game

These must all be working together and you MUST be able to run games off the HDD

The only web address you will need is and the will to use it.

Step 1 - FTP

To start off you will need to be able to FTP to your Playstation 2.

For this part you will need to connect your PS2 HDD to your computer. You will have to open your PC case to connect the HDD. Watch the jumper setting if you connect it to a slave channel.

Now you will need to download ExecFTP 0.68 and CDGenPS2 3.0.

Extarct both of the files and run CDGenPS2.

Now drag SYSTEM.CNF from the folder you just extracted ExecFTP to, into the right hand side of CDGenPS2.

Right click on the SYSTEM.CNF in CDGenPS2, select edit, check 'FIX LBA' and type '12231', then OK.

Drag CONFIG.DAT and EXECFTP.ELF into CDGenPS2, click image and save as '.iso' in your ExecFTP folder.

Download and extract hdl_dumb 0.7.3. Now install the image you just created to your localy connected PS2 HDD using this program.

Step 2 - Connecting

Connect your PS2 to your PC using a crossover network cable or hub/switch/router.

Boot your PS2 using HDLoader/HDAdvance and run your newly installed ExecFTP software. You should end up with FTP Server initialized on port 21...!

Now run FlashFXP on your PC and press F8 for Quick Connect. In the 'Server or URL' box type '' (this should be the IP of the PS2). Chose the 'toggles' tab and clear 'Use passive mode'. Now hit 'Connect'.

You should now have a FTP connection to your PS2.

Step 3 - Install the hdl dumb server

Download titleman from PS2 Independance and extract to your c:/ drive.

Open command prompt Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt and type 'cd \' to get to c:/> and type 'titleman -c' to create TITLE.DB and then type 'titleman -a SLES_008.44'

SLES_008.44 should be repalced with the ID of your PS1 game. Found if you open the disk in explorer.

Go and find the TITLE.DB file on your c:/ drive and copy it. Now go to the folder you extracted hdl_dumb 0.7.3 into and select paste.

Rename the hdld_server.elf to BOOT.ELF THIS MUST BE IN CAPS.

Go back to FlashFXP where you should still have a connection to your PS2. In the left hand window select your hdl dumb folder. In the right hand window select 'MC > 0 > B*DATA-SYSTEM'.

Now copy BOOT.ELF & TITLE.DB from the left window to the right. Disconnect the FTP.

Step 4 - The end

Insert your chosen PS1 Game into your PS2 and restart. This should now boot to the hdl dumb server.

Re-open hdl dumb and change 'Target' to 'Networking Server, at'. The software should connect to your PS2 and be ready to install games.

Now to install/run games using the PS2 use the HDLoader disk. To install games using your networked PC use the PS1 disk.

Hope this helps a few people out.

This method can also be used for other apps, for example the many emulators that can be run on the PS2. is a good place to start.

I will edit it as I re-read but am too stoned now!


Got pissed about that typo in the name of the app so fixed it :)

Ta, had another typo in there too. Just made a few other changes to make it read better - digi-tal
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When i get to Step 2 Connecting.I boot my PS2 up using the Free HDLOADER then i run the ExexFTP i called it CDGENPS2, then i run it, just leaves the screen black what did i do wrong??

i did everything in Step one which u told me to do.
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When i tried to put my hdd in to the pc it didn't show up because it was missing a dos partition. if I add a dos partition then the hdloader cd reformats it. anyone know how this can be remedied?

its in the freezer door
jackQs - Windows should detect the HDD but will not show the drive in my computer.

HDL Dumb will still detect the drive and install software to it.
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DanN7650 - Send me a PM and i'll upload my ExecFTP iso for you to download and see if you can get that working.
This is great dude... Thanks. I have two more challeges for you if your into this stuff.

1)We need to get a non-sony hdd to work just as a sony hdd, so we can download and use the new socom maps. See the hardware boot forum for ps2, thread "download new socom maps".
2) and if theres anyway to browse the internet with the ps2.

Anyway, thanks again for the networking tutorial.
I finally got this to work, at least halfway. I had been reading two tutorials and kept editing the config.dat file like it says in this tutorial for some reason, it didn't work(I think because it is for burning a CD not dumping onto the HDD.) but if you follow all of the instructions written here, it will work. I have gotten to the point where it says Server initialized on port 21. I'm connected wirelessly through a router, when I start up FlashFXP I try connecting to (which is the IP it says on the TV) and is the IP of my ps2 when I normally play online games etc.) I get no respone either way, I can't even ping either IP. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Alex and the rest of the screen savers will be missed
Same here im connected via a router my normal Gateway is So problary will have to change it is there anyway doing this? Can u help!

Yes you open the config.dat file with notepad or some other text editor. You can change the gateway, subnet mask, ip adress etc. Everytime I've made an iso using a modified config file, it wont boot up on my ps2. I'm just going 2 get a crossover cable now so I dont have to worry a bout the router.
Firstly i would like to say thank you for a great guid :) and secondly i wonder if anyone can make a guid how to boot hdloader from a memorycard on an unmodded ps2`? that would be nice :)
yeah it would be nice to c that guide boot up from mc

I've tried the guid as above, men when i boot up with the psx cd with hdl_dump server then it shows PS2 IP is eventhough i've chanced the ip on the config file... i guess i have to change the ip in the hdl_dump server which is BOOT.ELF file to make the ps2 ip to the correct ip that i have for my ps2. BUT HOW to edit that hdld_svr.elf file and change the ip?

anyone knows?
Never mind, i've figured out how to make it works now. If any of you have the same problem as me, just let me know and i'll tell you how.

i hav the new slim ps2. duz any1 kno if i can do the same as Digi-Tal says i can access my ps2 memcard or anyfin on d ps2? or duz any1 kno how to connect the new PSTwo d a pc?

[Practice makes Perfect] ... .. . (almost)
baby cake, i tried to change my boot.elf file, and now when i try to load from the psx games i get a balck screen. any sugestions?

its in the freezer door
jacksQs did you open the boot.elf and changed the ip in there? well if you tried that then it won't read the boot.elf. I've tried that too and i got the same result as u. Did your ps2 boot the psx cd and show you that your ps2 ip is before you edited your boot.elf file?
did you open the boot.elf and changed the ip in there? well if you tried that then it won't read the boot.elf.
babycake, you dont open the boot.elf at all, you open the IPCONFIG.DAT file and edit your ip settings in there.

i reloaded my orignial boot.elf file. but i'm still stuck, i cannot find the folder "mc0:/SYS-CONF/" which is where the program says the IPCONFIG.DAT file is. can anyone provide help?

its in the freezer door
I gave up on trying to go through my router to do this tutorial and bought a crossover cable. I followed the tutorial again and got the FTP Server initialized on port 21..!!! on my ps2, but when I try to connect to on the pc side with FlashFXP it immediately says something along the lines of "connection failed. no host to route". please help.
jonjakjam where can you find your ipconfig.dat?
adam7261 and jacksQs: i was reading this IP address is configured via mc0:SYS-CONF/IPCONFIG.DAT and the proper format is "ip_address networking_mask gateway_ip" (w/o quotes). The default configuration is "". on and i've found out that you have to create the SYS-CONF folder on m/c/0 folder and create the file IPCONFIG.DAT and put it in there. Then you edit the IPCONFIG.DAT file and put the ps2 ip that your router gives it to your ps2. mine is it works like a dream for me. I hope it helps you guys too.
yup babycakes got it right, I never actually change the ipconfig.dat(I use defaults) on the ps2 side, I just edit my ip address on the pc side and everything works fine.

I was having problems being able to FTP into the ps2 through my router so I bought a crossover cable and then manually configured the configuration settings for the IP on the computer. In XP you open up the network conntection connected to your ps2, select TCP/IP Settings or something along those lines, hit configure, and then make your ip addres 192.168.0.xx, netmask, and gateway, then you can connect without modying the file, which didn't work for me. From that point I've installed many things including keylaucnher, PGEN(sega emu) etc...

on a side note- I was wondering if anyone knows a snes emulator for ps2 besides snes-station. Ive been having a lot of problems with it and Im looking for something that will read roms off MC, isntead of just cd like snes-staion. Someone should make a snes version of PGEN.

Alex and the rest of the screen savers will be missed
PLZ HELP! I tried to connect to my ps2 using FlashFXP and I am not getting anywhere. My status window showes this:
WinSock 2.0 -- OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
[R] Connecting to -> IP= PORT=21
[R] Connected to
[R] 220 ps2ftpd ready.
[R] USER anonymous
[R] 220 modified by SlicStik__
[R] 230 Login ok.
[R] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[R] REST 100
[R] 500 Not understood.
[R] This site may not allow file resuming
[R] 500 Not understood.
[R] 257 "/" is current directory.
[R] 200 Type set to A.
[R] PORT 192,168,1,33,9,93
[R] 200 PORT command successful.
[R] LIST -al
[R] 500 Unable to open directory.
[R] Connection lost:
I changed my config.dat on the PS2 HD to because my PC IP is Any Ideas what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance
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