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DVD shrink Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)

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weehawk Suspended due non-functional email address
Ok, I'm a newbie, I have a disc I keep getting errors on, it works perfectly in my stand alone dvd player, I can also access it with windows media player, but dvd shrink will always give me an error when processing it, I've searched the threads and found the scuba pete guide, downloaded DVD decrypter, tried it and failed, cleaned dvd & dvd drives - no luck, even tried something called claddvd to get past it, nothing, my question is are there dvds that can be ripped, I dont think this is a bad disc since I can play or maybe I'm wrong - help?

"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny."
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Hi weehawk, welcome to aD,

A "CRC" error is most often caused by bad media - it could be any of the following:

1. A dirty disc,
2. A scratched disc
3. A poor quality disc (cheap media if it happens during the "Burn" section of your work)
4. A bad disc from the Mfgr.

It can also be from a bad optical component in your drive. At this time I don't believe it's your drive at all.

If you recently purchased this disc new from a store, I would return it as defective if just cleaning and the proper use of DVD Decrypter doesn't get the job done.

I'd like you to check your DVD Decrypter's settings. First, it should be version Go to "Tools", "Settings", set everything to "Default". Then in the "General" tab change, "Removal Method" from "Normal" to "Aggressive", in "File Mode", "tick" Remove PUO's." For ripping in the "ISO Read Mode", "tick" "Remove PUO's" there also. in the "CSS" tab, under "CSS Cracking Method", choose "Brute Force ~> I/O Key Exchange" and "On Failure" choose "Yes". . IMPORTANT: In the "I / O" tab, in the bottom right, "tick" the box which says, "Ignore read errors". This is an excellent setting for dealing with scratched discs which may cause ripping problems.

Some people like ripping with DVD Decrypter using the "File" "Mode" BUT, especially for episodel-type DVD's, I feel that nothing can beat ripping the DVD using the "ISO", "Read", "Mode". After you've ripped your disc using the "ISO" "Read" "Mode", open DVD Shrink go to File", "Open Disc Image " to locate your ISO image - after allowing DVD Shrink to load up the image, just process it as usual then burn to disc using your burner of choice.

HINT: If you are going to burn with DVD Decrypter, DON'T FORGET TO - go back to DVD Decrypter after ripping, to reset the "Mode" from "ISO - Read" to "ISO - Write".

Here are some other little "tricks" which may or may not help -

The "Magic cleaning" technique: Try cleaning your DVD discs. Yea, I know they're new and clean but do it anyway. Do it a few seconds before inserting it into your DVD tray, use a disc cleaner, eyeglass cleaning solution or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cotton cloth and rub-a-dub, dub. As soon as you're finished, "Pop" it into your DVD tray and fire up your program

Begin by playing your DVD with your PCs player. Play for two or three minutes then open your DVD Shrink, DVD X Copy or your weapon of choice - as soon as you begin your rip turn off your player so it doesnt interfere. The playing before hand is only so that your ripping program can Find your DVD.

"Dr. ScubaPete's, too cheap to buy the professional stuff, Recipe Book for Scratch Repair."

To help with those small "Kiddie Scratches" on your DVD's -

TO BE USED AS A FINAL RESORT to retrieve scratched DVD's.

Materials needed:
A soft cotton cloth
Toothpaste w/Borax (Arm & Hammer may be added)
(Brasso metal polish may be used as a substitute for toothpaste)
Isopropanol Alcohol
Orange Juice and Vodka

Method: "If this doesn't work it's into the "Circular File" (an Americanism meaning "The Garbage can") with you -

1. Place the disc on a firm soft surface.
2.Apply a small amount of toothpaste with a small amount of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to a clean, soft cotton cloth and apply to your DVD. Rubbing very firmly in even strokes from the center outwards towards the edge. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Do this over the entire disc turning the disc slowly in a circular manner, always going from the inside to the outer edge.

When Finished
3. clean it either with a commercial unit (available at "Radio Shack" OR your local electronics store) OR clean the disc thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth moistened with Isopropanol Alcohol, Contact lens cleaner OR in a bind, you may use some Windex (Windex has some additives, coloring and the like). Clean by using a firm even rubbing motion from the center outwards towards the edgeClean the disc thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth moistened with Isopropanol Alcohol, Contact lens cleaner OR in a bind use some Windex, using a firm even rubbing motion from the center outwards towards the edge.

Using a clean piece of cotton cloth, apply Pledge to the entire disc in the same manner as the toothpaste was applied above.

Attempt to play disc.
If the disc refuses to play, take 1 large 12oz. glass, add just 3 Ice cubes, too many ice cubes will "water down" the mixture rendering it unsuitable for usage, then add 70% Orange Juice and 30% Vodka. The contents are to be shaken, NOT STIRED. The glass's contents are to be liberally applied internally.

Steps 2 through 5 may be repeated as required to recover disc.

After 2 complete passes, step 5. may be repeated PRN. (PRN is medical lingo for "As needed" OR "Whenever you want.) :P)

Give it a try weehawk and let me know how you made out -


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The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
I too am new to this. I have found this thread to be helpful though. I found myself with this cyclic redundancy error and believe it was b/c of the the disc having scratches. I tried to clean and repair it several times. Then I forced the decryption with decryptor and now have a bunch of files on my hd with only video ts files VOB and BUP files.

I have tried to open the files with dvdshrink and burn it but it says that so and file can't be found. Perhaps b/c I skipped files that could not be read by using ScubaPete's method. I might have overchecked the remove PUO? boxes since there were 2 on both options I checked both (doing your method) to force decryption. Did I check too much?

Anyways, I am trying to just burn the VOB files to dvd so that I can just play them, but I am not sure what I am doing to burn it with Nero. It won't seem to let me do it. Is there a proper way to do this??

weehawk Suspended due non-functional email address
1st of I wanted to thank Pete for all the great info he gave me, thanks Pete! 2nd I found that the disk I was trying to rip was also scratched so I didnt get it, I was able to burn some of the VOB files but since it didnt get all of them I couldnt burn a dvd using Nero or anything else, I heard that once you have the VOB files on your comp you can turn them into jpegs if you cant get anything else to work, I think you need a program called TMPG or something like that, I didnt do it so I dont remember, if anyone else out there has suggestions please join in, thanks..and hope this helps little though it is

"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny."

Thank you ScubaPete!

I think I heard that you can simply burn the AVI / VTS files to dvd with another program, but I can't seem to be able to do it with Nero. I can view them with my AVI player on the computer. Can someone help me? I don't want to simply have jpgs. I want to be able to view these files on dvd. Is it possible? Is there a format that I should try to burn it to.

Thanks for all info.

Heh, heh, Weehawk, how many of those Vodka and OJ's did you do (Lol) that's the best part of the guide :)

BTW, the proggy you were refering to was TMPGEnc.

Cheers, my friend, Glad you at least have an answer -

westend, welcome to our little club,

Iffin you didn't lose too many files then create a folder and call it: VIDEO_TS. Write it all, just like that, in CAP's. Take all of your files and p[lace them in there and see if DVD Shrink or Nero will pick them up. You should be fine if you have VOB's, BUP files and IFO files. If you're missing your IFO files the run the rest through IFOEdit and it will make the files you're missing. If you fail doing that, you might want to think about renting a clean copy and doing it from that.



Remember to stop back and let me know how you've made out -

The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
dvd6k Suspended due non-functional email address
One of the messages I read is:

"W 23:17:07 Failed to read Sector 1389718 - Unrecovered Read Error"

Is this a "CRC" error? The settings don't seem to help and the disk looks fairly new.


Hi dvd6k, welcome to our little club -

I'm sorry there guy but you can't just jump in and ask questions based on nothing -

Let's put on our "thinking caps" shall we and consider what information we might need in order to help you -

i.e. You mentioned a "Fairly new" disc. Is this a backup copy ? An original DVD ?

What format are you working with ? An ISO image ? VOB files ?

What proggy are you using ?

Where are you exactly when you get your error message ?

Your error doesn't say "CRC" so my guess is it isn't.
The settings don't seem to help
What settings ? Where ?
"W 23:17:07 Failed to read Sector 1389718 - Unrecovered Read Error"
It says "Read error" - again, is it a copy ? an original ?

I understand that you're "new" BUT a little forethought would go a long, long way to out-lining your problem instead of us trying to guess what it is you're talking about. Soooo, Start at the top of my "Guess List" and answer each and everyone of my questions as best as you can - If you don't know, say so - but we need something in order to help -


The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Scuba Pete, I have a similar problem and I was wondering if you could help.
Im using DVD Shrink (3.2) and DVD Decrypter(the new one,=} ok, I have an original disc, its a series disc from the Sopranos. Its pretty new, minor wear, nothing worse than I have worked with before. I set my DVD Shrink to make an ISO image and burn with Decrypter ( I had earlier problems burning with Nero) I never got this error before, at about 59% through the analysis phase, the second one after I chose my 'shrinking' limits, I got an error that said Cyclic Redundacy Check error. I cant remember the whole thing, but the CRC was definatly there. I tried to just restart DVD Shrink, but it picks up where it left off at the 59% and gives me the error right away.
Question is, do you think it is the disc(tried cleaning with a commercial cleaning unit), can I just use Decrypter to make an ISO, then shrink that? how can I get DVD Shrink to "forget" where it left off, and start a new analysis? (I even uninstalled and re-installed Shrink but it still remembers, also there is no ISO file saved to the HD, I checked)
Hope everything you need is in here...thanks in advance, Bret
@ bretweb,
Hi Try ripping your DVD to your HD with Decrypter in file mode and select all files. Then run it threw Shrink using the open file's button. DVD Decrypter is much better at ripping problematic disk's
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thanks bbmayo, I will try that right now.

the exact error is

"failed to read the file "E:\" Data Error(C.R.C.)"

E of course is the dvd drive. you suspect a bad disc?

A bad disc yes -

Sorry bbmayo, I have to disagree with your suggestion because we're dealing with an episodel disc and I've encountered problems ripping in the file mode and picking it up as such with DVD Shrink. In many such occasions, by the time it gets to the burn stage, all you have is the largest episode, not all of them.

For that reason, I like to rip in the ISO Read mode, pickup by going to "file" then "Open disc image" - processing / compressing with DVD Shrink then burning to disc using DVD Decrypter.

Remember to use the above settings for Decrypter and to reset it before burning -



I wonder what happened to dvdk6, after all my effort and he just "Blows" me off - Sometimes it's not worth it to bother -

The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Pete :-)
Quit Dissin me :-) LOL

Either way will work fine I just have better luck with the file mode at ripping problematic DVD's. The main thing is to use DVD Decrypter to rip the disk it does a much better job than Shrink at ripping, and I'm pretty sure you would agree with me on that? I hope :-)
As long as you keep all the files after opening them up in file mode under Shrink it is just like Hitting open disk you get all the same files so I am not really following where the problem would be doing it this way? This is just my opinion I could be wrong but why put anymore stress or pressure on Decrypter by having it make an ISO. It is using less resources when just ripping all the files off the disk therfore all of it's consentration is focusing on ripping the DVD and not ripping and creating an ISO. Just a thought, but like I said the main thing here was to use Decrypter to rip the disk.

Keep up the great work Pete!! :-)
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why put anymore stress or pressure on Decrypter by having it make an ISO. It is using less resources when just ripping all the files off the disk therfore all of it's consentration is focusing on ripping the DVD and not ripping and creating an ISO.
Well I can honestly say I've never heard that making an ISO takes resources away from DVD Decrypter, guess we wouldn't want to "over-work" it.

(Ya just might want to check that out.)

Making an ISO image keeps everything exactly as it is on the original, dropping it on Shrink for compression only then burning as an ISO to discs has succeeded where doing everything in file mode has not. It could be that when dealing with individual files allows more of a chance for corruption or whether a certain VOB file stayed after curfew I'm not sure. (Lol)

BTW, Though I didn't have too much trouble with Soprano's I did go through a mess "O" trouble with Lost in Space season 1 and season 2 as well as Wonder Woman, season 1, Sex in the City, The Shield first season disk 3, and The Osbournes, disc 1 only.

(Yea, it did take a while to compile But I made notes in my video list)



Hey "bb", I liked your DVD Decrypter / Shrink guide, looks pretty good -

The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Yeah I'm still workin on your's
It is lookin pretty good itself. I am making it in a proggy called wink in Flash and it is working really good I just got to figure out how to publish it on the net?? Any Ideas?

It's pretty cool it shows all the mouse move and everything (interactive)
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Thank both of you guys for putting in the effort to help a guy in need. Im glad to see that it pays off to put a post in these sites. what I did was, my buddy had Sopranos DVD set, and I borrow his Disc 3.....not a problem. I am sticking with ISO and burn with Decrypter cause my computer rejects Nero like a bank with bad checks. again, thank you guys.

I know this is probably a rookie comment and I'm sorry for troubling you guys with this, but i am new to DVD Shrink. I have all the programs you guys talked about, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, IFO edit and Nero, they are all updated as well. Now I did what Scuba said to do with DVD Decrypter on my day after tomorrow. It's an ISO file but I'm not sure how i'm supposed use DVD Shrink to get it down to 4.36 gb for burning. Also on an earlier post Scuba made he said after you use all those settings he listed to go ahead and put it back on default. Now did I misunderstand that or are you only to use the settings for a CRC problem then return it back to the defaults.
I apologize for the mistakes in the post I am extremely tired.

I'll repeat that which I posted before.

Before attempting to rip (that means with DVD Decrypter totally closed on your PC) - Start the DVD playing on your PC's player. Keep it running for a few minutes, usually into the beginning of the main feature, then I open DVD Decrypter and allow it to "find" the movie. Once it's open I choose "Mode", then "File" and wait until the files begin to rip on Decrypter's screen - THEN I close the player's window.

If the movie can play at all I can get it this way and get a totally clean rip. I then create my VIDEO_TS folder and when the DVD is finished ripping I put all the files into my folder and then I'm good to go :)

If your disc is so bad it cannot be played then, it's to the scratched method we go OR into the trash can via way of a "nothing but net" shot -

Sea Ya all,



System: Win98SE (patched up), 1Gb ram, 2x NEC OEM'd
DVD+-RW drives, 40Gb disk (~15Gb available)
Software: DVD Shrink 3.2, DVD Decryptor


DVD Shink keeps blowing up on me, with a particular
set of DVDs. (An anime set called "The 12 Kingdoms",
and the "bonus disc" from the Star Wars box set.)

The problem shows up after DVD Shrink has finished its
anlysis phase and is in the "encoding" phase. Windoze
informs me DVD Shrink attempted an illegal operation,
and then quits but provides no other clues. (Decryptor
has no problem ripping the DVD files.) But DVD Shrink
blows up whether it's trying to process the DVD movies
directly from the media platter, or from the rip files
generated by DVD Decryptor. (Again this is during the
encoding phase, not during initial analysis phase.)

I'm baffled! Help, Scuba Pete! (Or anybody!?)
Uncle Scuba Pete & Co,

I am lucky that I have an uncle as knowledgable as you. Ha ha. As always thanks for your help. I am trying to copy a large dvd and break it up into 2 dvds. I put the main movie (uncompressed-mostly except for a couple of not so important files which I compressed with shrink) on one disc by using decrypter to burn it to the HD and then reauthoring it with shrink and burning an iso. Then I used Nero to burn the ISO to dvd because Decryptor gave me so IO lock error. Well, the video was there, but I had no menu options. Did I do something wrong?

Is there a way to break up the movie and still have the menu options available for both discs when the movie itself is greater than 4.3 gigs? Also, where can I find out how to use ifo edit. I don't really know what I am doing with it.

Thanks again for everyone help.

Thanks Scuba Pete & Co.

P.s. I am going to try to burn a disc with all your valuable writings on files so I can have a guide without having to comb thru all these awesome threads. I am still learning...

Howdy there hoogs, and a big "ScubaPete welcome" to aD,

Your post is so good, it had me in tears -

I do so love it when there is some good information with the post :)

NOW, for your problem -

I see you have the same problem when you've ripped it to your HD with DVD Decrypter and then given it to DVD Shrink. That can only mean that there is some file in there that Shrink doesn't like. My only suggestion at this point is to use some other proggy other than DVD Shrink. Try CloneDVD2 or Nero's recode2 OR, Go to DVD Shrink's re-Author mode, choose Unreferenced materials and extras and compress them to still pictures and try DVD Shrink again.

Let me know how it works -


Hi westend,
Well, the video was there, but I had no menu options
Yep, that sounds right - Whenever you use DVD Shrink's re-author mode, you'll lose your menus :(

Download Nero AND all of it's extras (FREE for 30-days) use Recode2. it will do the exactly the same thing (the same guy wrote both proggys. BUT you'll keep your menus :)

Use recode in the "remake the movie" mode and you can choose the "split" the movie at any frame you wish :)
Is there a way to break up the movie and still have the menu options available for both discs when the movie itself is greater than 4.3 gigs?
Once again, use recode2 in the "Remake the movie" mode

Give it a whirl and see how you do -


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The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Hi Scuba Pete,

CloneDVD2 did the job. It's frustrating that DVDShrink
wasn't able to do the job since it's been so successful
with other titles. (I haven't tried the SW bonus disc
yet, but since it did so well on the others I'd guess
it won't have problems with that one either.)

Question: As DVD Decryptor processes, it expands files
from the media platter so they take up quite a bit more
space than a standard 4.3Gb disc; but unlike DVD Shrink
it doesn't have an option that lets you reprocess files
so they fit onto a usual disc. So, it seems irrelevant
to use DVD Decryptor instead of DVDShrink or some other
commercial package like CloneDVD. What am I missing??

What you were missing is that a commerical DVD is pressed in 2 layers and the way you're doing it is on a single layer - hence appears larger but really isn't.

Now-a-days (just recently) we now have Dual layer burners and DL discs (at $10.00 ea) so we can copy exactly.

Stick with Shrink for most of your work but for multiple discs, fast copies etc. use CloneDVD2 -

We're glad your burning now -

Consider this an invitation, stop on back, don't be a stranger, you're welcome even if you don't have problems to solve -

You can just "Hang out" and read some, improve your knowledge, help others if you can spot their problem, 3 heads are better than 2 (said the Cyclops to the Ogre). You can check out our forums on Home Theater components, Games, p2p topics or even cellular phones Or you could hang out in the "Safety Valve," a forum for gossiping about anything and everything under the sun :)
Check de place out, you just might find a little something that'll interest you -

Me ? Hey, I'll be over there, out from under that broiling hot sun, under the "Potted" Palm, right next to the water cooler. Just chewin' the fat and waiting for the next Newbie who needs a bit "O" help - Stop by and say "Howdy" -

I'll be lQQking forward to Sea'n you,

Cheers my friend,

Pete :P)

The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
racviac Suspended due non-functional email address
Is there anybody who could help me with this one: I keep getting this awful "cyclic redundancy check" error message during DVD analisys with DVDShrink 3.1.3, while the movie playback is sloppy and freezes very often. I've replaced my DVD-ROM (LG) with combo drive (HL-FT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4521B), but the problem remained. Ironically, my friend next door bought the very same device - on exactly the same platrform! (AMD Athlon 2500+, MSI motherboard, Windows XP Pro) - and he's enjoying the smoothest and absolutely spottless DVD playback (I've played my own disks on his machine)!? Don't tell me to update the driver, 'cause I've done it twice already! Please, HELP ME!!!
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